Welcome aboard CGC HARRIET LANE (WMEC 903). CGC HARRIET LANE is a multi-mission, Famous Class, 270-foot medium-endurance cutter home-ported at Base Support Unit Portsmouth, VA.  CGC HARRIET LANE is responsible for a variety of Coast Guard missions, including: Search and Rescue; Enforcement of Laws and Treaties; Maritime Defense; and Protection of the Marine Environment.

Famous Class cutters are versatile and cost-effective platforms capable of carrying out national objectives. CGC HARRIET LANE’s command, control, and communications capabilities, including satellite communications, make the cutter an important asset for long-range offshore missions. CGC HARRIET LANE can effectively coordinate the efforts of multiple ships and aircraft while conducting missions over large areas of ocean.

Her eight sister ships BEAR, TAMPA, NORTHLAND, SENECA, FORWARD, LEGARE, ESCANABA, and SPENCER are located in Portsmouth as well.

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