Commanding Officer
CDR Benjamin F. Goff Jr.

Commander Benjamin F. Goff Jr. photo

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Executive Officer
LCDR Colin K. McKee

LCDR Colin K McKee

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We Respect Our Shipmates. While shipmates may not be the reason we came to sea, they are often the reason we keep coming back. They are the heart of our sea stories and tend to become our dearest friends. It is a bond shared by few and envied by others. Aboard HARRIET LANE your shipmates are your family. Protect them, respect them, and tolerate nothing less. Provide them a work environment that is safe and accepting of the diversity that is our strength. Be excellent to each other!

We Are Professionals. Set the example. Endeavor to invest yourselves in our missions. Be proud of your role in our organization. Shape HARRIET LANE into a unit you will be proud of for years to come. Carry ourselves with dignity both inside and outside of the lifelines. Be accountable for our behaviors and actions. Those we defend and serve look to us because we are organized, professional, and effective. Our adversaries fear us for the same reason. We won’t compromise our reputation.

We Revere Honor. Do the right thing because it is the right thing. When the right thing is difficult or unclear, seek guidance from leaders, mentors, or trusted peers. In all cases, act within the boundaries of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. Stand with the Core Values, and I will always stand with you. Stand against them, and you will stand alone.

We Manage Risk as a Team. When it comes to the safety of our ship and crew, I challenge and empower everyone to speak-up when things don’t look or feel right. You should expect that I will routinely engage you for your input on risk-based decisions. At times, we will have to accept risk in the execution of our missions. In all cases and at all levels, I expect we will be thoughtful and purposeful in the risks we accept to achieve our mission objectives, and that we will take prudent steps to minimize risk overall.

We Achieve the Desired Effect. We will endeavor keep ourselves and our ship prepared to perform our duties, and we will keep constant vigil of our readiness to execute the missions with which we are tasked. Every individual aboard this ship is integral to the team that makes this unit successful. To this end, we will train and certify our knowledge and abilities through qualification. We will routinely practice our craft. And, we will not allow factors within our control to prevent us from being ready to carry out our assigned missions. We will be Semper Paratus.