Congratulations on your assignment to USCGC Decisive, homeported in Pensacola, Florida. Decisive deploys 185-210 days a year on patrols to the Caribbean, Straits of Florida and Gulf of Mexico.  Decisive's primary missions include: counter-drug, alien migration interdiction, homeland security and search and rescue operations. Patrols typically last 6-8 weeks. While in homeport, you will enjoy the low cost of living, warm weather, and multitude of outdoor activities the Gulf has to offer.

Ship Contact Information:
Use the following information to contact your sponsor aboard CGC Decisive. If you do not yet have a sponsor, contact the Unit YN (below). If you are unable to contact Decisive, contact the SPO at Sector Mobile. Decisive's working hours are 0645-1300, Monday-Friday.

Ship Phone: 850-452-9051

Physical Mailing Address:
Commanding Officer
USCG Decisive
Attn: Your Name and Rank
280 Taylor Rd.
Pensacola, FL 32508

Military Fleet Post Office (FPO) Addresses:
Official Mail:
Commanding Officer
USCGC Decisive (WMEC 629)
Unit 100410 Box 1
FPO AA 34090-1000

Personal Mail:
Rate/Rank and Name
USCGC Decisive (WMEC 629)
Unit 100410 Box 1
FPO AA 34090-1000

Misc. Ship Information:

Command: This Unit is under the command of LANTAREA.
Nearby Ashore Units: Station Pensacola, CG Sector Mobile, CG Base New Orleans, CG ATC Mobile
Crew: 73 (12 Officers, 61 Enlisted) organized into 4 departments
Unit YN: YN1 Timothy B. Broome

Fresh From Cape May - Information for New Coasties:

Report to the Unit in the appropriate seasonal dress uniform (Trops or Bravos) with combination cover. If Decisive is underway on your report date, you will report to a nearby ashore unit as directed by the Unit YN.

Upon arrival, new non-rates will be expected to quickly become qualified in a number of areas.
Seamen will be required to acquire qualifications in: Helm and Lookout, Basic Damage Control, Inport Auxiliary, Advanced Damage Control, and Gangway Petty Officer of the Watch (GPOW). Firemen will be required to acquire qualifications in: Basic Damage Control, Advanced Damage Control, Inport and Underway Auxiliary, and GPOW. Typically, non-rates are allowed ONE Inport and ONE Patrol to become fully qualified (approximately 4 months).

New non-rates are required to have the following personal items:
(These items may be purchased from any CG Exchange)

  1. Operational Dress Uniforms with ball cover
  2. Service and Tropical Dress Uniforms with combination cover
  3. Composite safety-toe boots (no steel or metallic toes for safety reasons)
  4. Uniform regulation dress shoes (leather only, no synthetic materials for safety reasons)
  5. Appropriate civilian clothing
  6. Full hygiene kit and towel

New non-rates are encouraged to bring the following personal items:

  1. Flashlight
  2. Pocket knife or multi-tool
  3. Bedding (twin size linens, blanket, and pillow) (these items may be provided if necessary)
  4. Laundry supplies (e.g. laundry bags, detergent and dryer sheets)
  5. Small folding camp or lawn chair
  6. Water bottle, canteen, or tumbler
  7. Snacks and drinks (underway)

Berthing, Relocation and Housing Information:

Crew members live in various areas including: Pensacola, Milton, Mobile, Gulf Shores.

Berthing aboard Decisive is organized by rank. Members of the Command Cadre will have their own staterooms. Junior officers will be berthed in a stateroom with one other JO. Petty Officers and Non-rates are berthed in separate spaces by seniority, up to 24 members per berthing area. Each member will be afforded a locker and a rack in which to store their personal items.

Certain dangerous or potentially dangerous personal items, including firearms, bows, spear guns, large hunting or diving knives, etc. will require registration with the New Orleans Housing Office and proper storage if they are to be kept in government housing. If such items are brought underway with permission of the CO, they will be stored in the ship's armory.

Pets are not permitted in government housing.

For Married Crewmembers:
Married crewmembers will receive BAH and will live on the economy. Our ombudsman, Mrs. Pate, should be one of the first contacts your spouse makes. Our ombudsman can assist you and your loved ones with any questions you might have about the ship and its status, particularly while we are away from homeport, and can be contacted via email.

If You Are Single:

A. E2s and E3s can expect to live onboard the cutter until government leased housing becomes available.
B. E4s and above can request BAH in lieu of government housing and live ashore.

Additional Relocation and Housing Resources:

A. ISC New Orleans Housing Office - 504.253.6393 OR 504.253.6394.
B. Mobile Area Housing Officer - 251.441.5755
C. CG Transition Assistance Program Manager - 504.253.6361.
D. Suggested Relocation Websites:

  1. www.moveagain.com
  2. www.apartments.com
  3. www.militarybyowner.com
  4. statestats.com
  5. www.harmonhomes.com
  6. www.homes.com
  7. www.ahrn.com
  8. www.hotpads.com/ms/pascagoula
  9. www.hotpads.com/ms/ocean_springs
  10. www.hotpads.com/ms/biloxi
  11. www.hotpads.com/al/mobile

Directions to Ship:

Enter NAS Pensacola through main gate from S Navy Boulevard to Duncan Road. Turn left on Radford Boulevard. Continue on Radford Boulevard until the road ends and a parking lot is on the right side.


Again, congratulations on your orders to USCGC Decisive, and welcome aboard. We look forward to meeting you when you arrive.


For more information, questions or comments,
please e-mail the CGC Decisive Webmaster
Or call our Public Affairs Officer at 850-452-9051