The Facilities Division oversees safety, security, and environmental compliance inspections for facilities required to meet the Code of Federal Regulations. These inspections include the review and approval for Facility Security Plans; on-site verification of the plan's implementation, documentation, and training; as well as orchestrating Government Initiated Unannounced Exercises at facilities that hold a Facility Response Plan. Inspections also include facilities that transfer bulk oil and hazardous materials as well as facilities that transfer cargoes of particular hazard. These inspections incorporate the review and approval of Operation and Emergency Manuals, as well as Response Plans in preparation for on-site visits to ensure compliance with federal regulations including verification of documentation and training, participation in drills and exercises, and transfer monitors of oil and hazardous materials.


To schedule an examination of your facility or if you have questions about facilities, please contact our duty phone at (985) 397-3277.