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Activities Europe, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Core Mission Set

  • U.S. Flag Administration: In support of USCG Marine Safety, Security & Pollution Prevention responsibilities, inspect (including structural integrity/vital systems/propulsion/seaworthiness/hazardous conditions/lifesaving /firefighting/navigation) and certificate the U.S. commercial vessel fleet operating within the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) Zone encompassing Europe, the Middle East & Africa (i.e., the largest Area of Responsibility of any USCG field unit - spanning the Arctic Circle to Cape Horn).  Also, conduct prototype and production testing of USCG Approved primary lifesaving appliances, oversight of third party private organizations authorized to perform relevant work on behalf of the USCG, and investigate accidents involving the U.S. merchant marine.
  • Port State Control: To ensure compliance with U.S. law & regulations, and with USCG interpretations of applicable international instruments, examine and certificate higher-risk foreign flag commercial vessels desiring entry to the U.S., including cruise ships (especially during their design and construction phases for structural fire protection, lifesaving arrangements, etc.) and tankers (self-propelled carriers of crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals & bulk liquefied gases).
  • International Port Security Program: Implement the International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, through performance of bi-lateral information exchanges (including sharing best practices) and conducting visits to the port facilities of the 87 maritime trading partner nations within the AOR, thereby aligning security efforts and ensuring that adequate measures are in place.
  • Environmental Stewardship: As the regional overseas representative of America's designated lead agency for safeguarding the marine ecosphere, promote applicable federal and international standards and foster international cooperation and coordination for the maintenance and improvement of the health of the world's oceans.
  • International Outreach and Engagement: As approved by Commander, USCG Atlantic Area, participate in relevant conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops and so forth in support of USCG strategic objectives; including for the Area and in response to pertinent requests from Headquarters Program-level activities and the international maritime community. Also, support the DOD Unified Commanders (EUCOM/CENTCOM and AFRICOM) in their respective AORs, as requested through LANTAREA.

Activities Europe