Sector Long Island Sound

Sector Long Island Sound

Prevention Department

A primary mission of Sector Long Island Sound is to prevent a loss of life and damage to the environment by ensuring that commercial vessels operating within our area of responsibility are in full compliance with applicable federal laws and regulations. Our marine inspectors ensure that vessels are seaworthy and properly maintained. This includes ensuring machinery, steering, and other engineering systems function properly; that vessel repairs are made in accordance with established standards; that crews are adequately trained and proficient in their duties; and that lifesaving and firefighting equipment is properly maintained and readily available.


The Waterways Management Division handles the day-to-day waterway management issues and concerns that arise on our busy waterways which encompasses Connecticut and Long Island. They work closely with various waterway stakeholders and users including: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the States of Connecticut and New York, and District One Aids to Navigation and Bridge Branches to not only ensure that commercial mariners have free and unobstructed use of our Federal navigable waters, but that all users maintain equal access to safe and secure public waterways. They also review applications for marine event permits and draft local notices to mariners including temporary and permanent safety and security zones as well as broadcast notices to mariners.


The Investigations Division is responsible for investigating reports of:

  • Marine accidents and casualties.

  • Misconduct, negligence, incompetence or violations of law or regulation by credentialed merchant mariners, and when appropriate, present the government's case before an Administrative Law Judge.

  • Violations of marine safety laws and regulations.

  • Damage to Coast Guard maintained aids to navigation.

  • Certain boating deaths, waterfront facility casualties and other incidents as directed.

  • Internal command affairs as directed.

The Investigations Division is also responsible for conducting audits of marine employer drug testing programs. These investigations seek to determine cause and detect violations of law/regulation which contributed to the casualty. It is the goal, that through these investigations, similar incidents might be prevented.