Station Mayport Information Page:


Personal Mailing Address:
USCG Station Mayport
4200 Ocean Street
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233



Contact Information:
Phone: (904) 564-7516
Fax: (904) 564-7598



Unit’s Missions: Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security

Typical SA/SN Job Assignment: Boat crew member, Boarding Team Member

Typical FA/FN Job Assignment: Boat crew member, Boat Engineer, Boarding Team Member

Inport Watch type and duty rotation for SA/SN: Watchstander, Boat Crew/ Modified Port & Starboard

Inport Watch type and duty rotation for FA/FN: Watchstander, Boat crew, Eng/ Modified Port and Starboard

Special procedures for reporting after hours: Report to OOD  

Uniform normally worn during the workday: ODU’s

Average Temperature Summer: 95F Winter: 60F

Unit Mutual Assistance Representative / Phone #: XPO (904) 564-7592

What type of continuing education is available within immediate area? FCCJ at Jacksonville, University of Northern Florida, and Jacksonville University

Is messing available: Yes

Quarters and/or barracks available: No

Rate of auto insurance for the typical 18-20 year old: $100-$200 a month

Is Unaccompanied Personnel Leased Housing available: Yes

Where will a single non-rate more than likely live: On the economy

Where do most people bank: All major banks are located in Jacksonville

Is there a credit union in the area: Yes

Is there a mall in the area: 3 major malls

Cost of average two bedroom apartment in the area: $800.00-1000.00 a month

Is leased housing available: Yes

Is Government Owned Housing available: No, it is now Privatized Housing

Where do most families live: On the economy

Where do most dependents receive medical care: Naval Station Mayport, N.A.S.

What level of TRICARE is available in the area: Tri-care Prime

Ratings present at the unit: BM, MK, SN, and FN / but collocated GM, SK, YN, FS

Name of nearest city: Jacksonville, Florida is 18 miles west of Atlantic Beach, Florida

Name of nearest military facility and distance: Naval Station Mayport located directly across the street

Location of nearest exchange and commissary: Coast Guard Exchange located on the Sector. Also there is a Navy exchange and commissary approximately 10 minutes from base.

Religious denominations in the area: All Area of responsibility if not a cutter: Kings Bay to Matanzas Inlet and 50 NM offshore, and west or the Saint Johns River to Federal Point, including all rivers that branch off the Saint Johns.

Uniform to report in: Tropical Blue Long

If sponsor is not available, apprentice should ask for: OOD or the XPO

When first reporting to this unit you will be breaking in as a watchstander (radio). Then you will become boat crew, Engineer (FN), boarding team member qualified. Typical jobs for SN/SA will be maintaining the unit’s boats except for the engine room, checking rescue and survival gear, etc. typical jobs for FA/FN will be assisting the MK’s on Engine work damage control gear. The duty schedule is a modified Port and Starboard (48 Hours On then 48 Hours Off with sliding weekends).

You or your family will have the opportunity to continue your education. There are several school depending on what you were going to school for. There are apartments around in the area that work with the Military and if a newly reporting member wants to live there they can set up an allotment to pay for the rent directly out of their paycheck. If you are married, it would be a good idea if your spouse could start looking in the area for apartments or homes, that way it will make the transition easier.