Coast Guard Reserve Unit U.S. Northern Command

250 S. Vandenberg Street
Peterson SFB, CO 80914

Primary: (719) 554-2697


CGRU USNORTHCOM was commissioned on 23 Apr 2007 onboard Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This 12-member unit provides direct support within the USNORTHCOM J-1, J-2, J-3, J-4, and J-7 directorates and is vital in: ​

  • Setting the conditions for the successful response of our DoD and Federal mission partners in the conduct of Civil Support and Homeland Defense by supporting a scalable and rapidly deployable Joint Enabling Capability to expertly facilitate support to federal, state, local, and tribal authorities in the USNORTHCOM AOR.
  • Coordinating and integrating military logistics capabilities with internal and external partners.
  • Supporting of a wide variety of ​training and exercises across all involved commands.
  • Developing and strengthening trusted domestic and international partnerships with inter-organizational stakeholders.

Unit members are thoroughly trained in Defense Support for Civil Authorities activities and in myriad Incident Command System qualifications and competencies. 


Commanding Officer: CAPT Natalie Murphy
Executive Officer: CDR Frederick R Merritt, III