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Waterways Management Division


The Sector Lower Mississippi River Waterways Division has an extremely large area of responsibility of any waterways division in the US Coast Guard. With over 2,200 miles of navigable waterways to manage, its a large scale managment operation on a day to day basis.

Waterways Management activities include:

Aids To Navigation: This department helps manage the Aids to Navigation units located throughout the 6 state area to ensure our rivers have the most up to date navigational aids configuration possible. This configuration can differ greatly throughout the year depending on waterway depths that are in a state of constant change. This requires depth adjustments to be made to our floating aids every few weeks or sometimes even more frequently still.

Marine Event Permitting: For any waterway events, including boat races, kayak and canoe events, on water fireworks displays, fireworks displays near a waterway, fishing tournaments, or any other activities near a federal waterway, an application must be filled out. The entire process for some events can take up to 120 days. Please fill out an application well in advance to be sure if needed, the proper laws are enacted to make your event legal. Once you've applied, we will then reveiew the application and determine whether it meets the requirements of a marine event and provide a response to the application and provide any other assistance if necessary. The link below can be used to go to the online application. In box 25, please be sure to use the proper Captain of the Port Zone. For the Lower Mississippi River, Arkansas River, Red River (Louisana), White River, Ouachita or Black River, or the Yazoo River, please use Lower Mississippi River (Memphis) as your choice to ensure we get the application in a timely manner.

Marine Event Applications

Waterway Action Plans:

The current plans can be viewed at the links below.

1: 2018 Mississippi River WAP

2: 2018 Red River WAP

3: 2018 Ouachita River WAP


Current River Conditions:

Hydrographs - 2 Days of Rain

Hydrographs - 16 Days of Rain

Current Buoy Placement Completion Dates

 Notice to Mariners:

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US Army Corps of Engineers Permit Review

Safety and Security Zone Implementation

Drafting Field Regulations

Coordination of Dead Ship Tows