Sector Jacksonville Deputy Commander

Sector Jacksonville Deputy Commander:



Commander Luis Parrales

Commander Luis Parrales is originally from New York City and received his commission from Officer Candidate School in December of 1996.  He reports from Coast Guard Headquarters where he served as the Branch Chief for the Enlisted Personnel Management Division from June of 2013 to June of 2016.  In this position, he was responsible for the advancements and separations for the entire enlisted workforce and was a vital component in the development, implementation, and guidance of new Coast Guard workforce initiatives. 


Commander Parrales has served in various positions throughout his 20+ years of service to include USCG CONFIDENCE, Marine Safety Office New Orleans, Marine Safety Office Pittsburgh, Sector St Petersburg, Atlantic Area (Lantarea) , & Sector San Juan.  Throughout his career Commander Parrales has been involved in various high visibility events such as the TWA flight 800 incident, Deepwater Horizon, Hurricane Katrina,  911, and a joint military deployment to the country of Haiti.  Of particular note, during his assignment to LANTAREA, he served as the Branch Chief for the International Port Security Liaison section in which he was responsible for ensuring port security compliance with all applicable international regulations for countries throughout the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and Central America.   


Commander Parrales has earned a Masters Degree in Emergency Management and is married to the former Melody Gill who hails from Pittsburg, PA.  Together they have four children.