Homeported in Newport, Rhode Island, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Oak (WLB 211) is a seagoing buoy tender that maintains aids-to-navigation along the rugged New England coastline, promoting economic security through navigation safety of the Marine Transportation System. 

With a crew of 42, the “Maine Responder” is responsible for 144 buoys from Northern New Jersey to the Canadian border. A true multi-mission platform, the ship can also support search & rescue, domestic icebreaking, living marine resources, maritime law enforcement, environmental protection, national defense and homeland security missions. The crew also assists the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Data Buoy Center  in maintaining offshore weather buoys critical to mariner safety at sea.

The Oak is the second cutter of her name and eleventh of the Juniper class. Initially homeported in Charleston, South Carolina, she was the first Coast Guard cutter to be commissioned following the service transition to the Department of Homeland Security. Oak was also the first to go through a 16-month mid-life maintenance availability and homeport shift, moving to Newport in November 2016.


Ship’s Phone: 401-367-1646

Ship’s Cell: 401-862-0786