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Cuba Permit Application Process

A vessel of the United States requires a permit from the United States Coast Guard to enter Cuban territorial waters (33 C.F.R. §107).  The attached form (CG-3300) must be submitted with complete information before a permit is granted.  

Paragraph four of the form requests Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Department of Commerce licenses.  If either license is not required, or a general license applies, please include a written certification explaining the situation. 

ALL COMPLETED APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE EMAILED TO D07-SMB-CubanPermits@uscg.mil or Fax to 305-415-6791 or call .305-415-6820.

Also, please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for approval and processing of the permit.

Also, please review and ensure compliance with the attached document for Requirements for Vessels Returning from Cuba.  This outlines specific requirements for recreational mariners to contact both the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) upon their return to the United States.  Failure to comply may result in delay or denial of entry into the United states.


Cuban Permit CG3300
Cuba UEC COE Requirements Addendum


The information included in the links below may assist you in completion

of the application:

http://www.treasury.gov/services/Pages/Foreign-Transaction-Licensing-and-Reporting.aspx  http://www.commerce.gov