Eighth District Outer Continental Shelf Division Staff:

CAPT Matthew Denning, Officer in Charge Marine Inspection (OCMI)           
LCDR Dave Newcomb, Deputy OCMI   (504) 671-2106  David.T.Newcomb@uscg.mil
Mr. Ed Lacy, Chief of Inspections   (504) 671-2151  Edward.l.lacy2@uscg.mil
LTJG Joel Chapman, Operations Officer   (504) 671-2157  joel.s.chapman@uscg.mil
Mr. Steven Wilkes, Security Specialist / AMSC Executive Secretary   (504) 671-2044  steven.d.wilkes2@uscg.mil
Mr. Charles Arnold, Senior Investigating Officer   (504) 549-0534  charles.e.arnold@uscg,mil


To locate a specific Officer in Charge Marine Inspection (OCMI), you can find them at Missions (uscg.mil).

Further information for USCG Areas, Districts, Sectors, Marine Inspection Zones, and Captain of the Port Zones can be found at https://www.ecfr.gov/current/title-33/chapter-I/subchapter-A/part-3.