First Coast Guard District

Boston, Massachusetts

Operations & Resource Planning (dx)

The Operations and Resource Planning staff coordinates annual planning and resource management for all First District operations requiring cutters, boats, aircraft and/or teams of personnel, including those in support of ports and waterways coastal security, maritime law enforcement, safety and security during marine events, and aids to navigation. Working closely with the District's Response and Prevention Divisions and the District's five Sector field units, the Operations & Resource Planning staff balances the resource demands of all Coast Guard missions within the constrained "budget" of cutter, boat and aircraft operating hours by tracking and monitoring resource expenditures and readiness, and conducting continual resource employment analysis. Additionally, this staff serves as program manager for 30 District cutters ranging from 65-feet to 225-feet, providing advocacy, mentoring and oversight to these units.

Operational Planning: 617-223-8197 or 8348
Cutter Program Manager & Mission Analysis: 617-223-8363
Patrol Boat Manager: 617-223-8154}
Buoy Tender and Ice Breaker Manager: 617-223-8430
Cutter and Aircraft Operational Scheduling: 617-223-8150

Contingency Planning & Exercise Management

The Contingency Planning and Exercise Management staff maintains all First District contingency plans including the Contingency Response Plan and the Continuity of Operations plan. Working closely with staffs responsible for Coast Guard Reserve personnel, this staff also ensures First District Coast Guard Reserve personnel are properly prepared to fill necessary positions in the event of a mobilization by developing and maintaining the Contingency Personnel Requirements List. This staff maintains the First District's comprehensive, multi-mission Operation Atlantic Venture Standard Operating Procedures which guides the execution of nearly every mission conducted in the District, from surface and aircraft operations to public and governmental affairs. Additionally this staff manages the Formal Exercise program for the District's five Sector field units and the First District's input for the Port Security Grant Program.

Contingency Planning: 617-223-8529
Exercise & Port Security Grant Management: 617-223-8101

Resource and Performance Management (dm)

The Resource and Performance Management Division directs the analysis, planning, performance, utilization, budgeting and recapitalization of all First District Coast Guard resources. The scope includes Coast Guard operations from Maine to Northern New Jersey consisting of 14 diverse major programs areas (e.g. search and rescue, homeland security, maritime law enforcement, environmental protection, ice breaking, aids to navigation, etc.), 89 diverse units (stations, sectors, air stations, etc.), over 10,000 active, reserve, civilian, and auxiliary personnel and over 2,000 buildings used by the Coast Guard throughout the First District with a replacement value of $493M.

Budget Execution and Development (dmb): 617-223-8290

  • Serves as the District Financial Advisor in the administration and execution of the District's multimillion dollar annual Budget.
  • Maintains and reconciles the District's operational expense, property, energy and utility management accounts
  • Oversees the District's energy management and conservation program

Resource and Infrastructure Planning (dmp): 617-223-8248

  • Evaluate the ability of Coast Guard resources to meet current and expected demands. Consider cutters, small boats, aircraft, shore facilities, and telecommunications.
  • Analyze and recommend personnel staffing requirements including quantity, classification, and grades.
  • Evaluate the distribution and level of resourcing and determine whether procedures, processes, systems, or resources should be modified to optimize the utilization and cost of resources, and implement such changes.

Organizational Performance Consultants (dmc): 617-223-8404 or 8429

  • Change catalysts for the District Staff and field units. Provides analyses of gaps in attaining & maintaining high performance.
  • Consult and administer the Commandant’s Quality Award, Commandant’s Performance Challenge, and the Baldrige Criteria.
  • Instruct and consult on strategic planning, facilitation, change management, process management, work measurement, risk management and project management.

Telecommunications Management (dt)

The Telecommunication Management Branch implements and enforces national U.S. Coast Guard telecommunications policy pertaining to tactical voice radio communication systems. The Division manages frequency allocation, leased telecommunication network circuits, and certain radio telecommunication infrastructure. They work closely with the five First Coast Guard District Sector field units and the offshore patrolling cutters to establish communication plans that optimally employ communications systems to achieve superior mission execution while ensuring effective, private communications that do not interfere with other authorized uses of the radio spectrum.

Radio Frequency Management issues: 617-223-8403
General Telecommunications issues: 617-223-8041