First Coast Guard District

Boston, Massachusetts

D1 Response Division (dr)

The D1 Response Division protects the public, our ports, the environment, and U.S. economic interests by responding to maritime incidents, enforcing laws and regulations, and utilizing intelligence to drive operations. The Response Division consists of three branches: Incident Management Branch (drm), Enforcement Branch (dre), Intelligence Branch (dri)

24-Hour D1 Command Center Watch: (866) 842-1560

Chief, Response Division: (617) 223-8457
Response Division Secretary: (617) 223-8458

D1 Incident Management Branch (drm)

Chief, Incident Management Branch: (617) 223-8461
Assistant Chief, Incident Management Branch: (617) 223-8278

Aircraft and Aviation Support: (617) 223-8461

Contingency Planning: (617) 223-8529

Drills and Exercises: (617) 223-8363

Incident Management and Preparedness: (617) 223-4813

Marine Transportation System Recovery: (617) 223-8460

National and Regional Response Team (NRT and RRT) Coordination: (617) 223-8430

Oil and Hazardous Substance Response: (617) 223-8434

Port Security: (617) 223-8320

Search and Rescue: (617) 223-8257

Small Boat Asset Management: (617) 223-8466

Small Boat Station Management: (617) 223-0700

D1 Enforcement Branch (dre)

The D1 Enforcement Branch is responsible for all fisheries enforcement, responses to maritime homeland security threats, and general law enforcement activities spanning the entire D1 area of responsibility. The D1 Enforcement Branch provides guidance to operational units to include other government agency assets in order to accomplish the Coast Guard’s diverse law enforcement mission. The Enforcement Branch oversees the following programs:

Living Marine Resource Enforcement: (617) 223-8463/8277

General Law Enforcement: (617) 223-8087/8425