Spirit of Norfolk Exhibits



CG-001-CG Hearing Opening Factual Presentation 26_JAN-2023
CG-002_1-SPIRIT OF NORFOLK Amended COI 26_JAN-2023
CG-003-Logs and Statements From Assist Vessels On Scene 26_JAN-2023
CG-004-Vessel Critical Profile 26_JAN-2023
CG-005-MV SPAR LYRA CG 2692 and other supporting documents 26_JAN-2023
CG-007_1-Bay Diesel Tech Reports with associated photos 15May2022-26May2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-008_4-City Cruises Hornblower Org Charts 26_JAN-2023
CG-009-Images of VICTORY ROVER alongside SPIRIT OF NORFOLK 26_JAN-2023
CG-010-Nautical Charts Norfolk Harbor Area 26_JAN-2023
CG-011_1-Hampton Roads Maritime Firefighting Contingency Plan 26_JAN-2023
CG-012-Images of Port of Virginia MIRT Equipment 26_JAN-2023
CG-013-Agendas of MIRT Training-Marine Firefighting and Command Courses 26_JAN-2023
CG-014-Salvor Dewatering Plan for SPIRIT OF NORFOLK , 08 Jun 6:37 PM 26_JAN-2023
CG-015-Weather Information For Vicinity of Incident 26_JAN-2023
CG-016-Reported Draft Marks SPIRIT OF NORFOLK June 7-12, 2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-017-SalvorEmails 08 June 2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-020-Milner Survey Pre Fire Photos, Reports and Associated Documents 26_JAN-2023
CG-021-Milner Provided Joing Field Survey SPIRIT OF NORFOLK Post Fire 26_JAN-2023
CG-022-PVA Manuals Firefighting and Personal Safety 26_JAN-2023
CG-023-2022 Spirit of Norfolok Survey, June 6, 2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-026-Crew Positions for Accident Voyage June 7 2022_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-027-SPIRIT OF NORFOLK  Powerpoint with vessel features_Promotional_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-028-SPIRIT OF NORFOLK  Fire Extinguisher Inspection Report_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-029-Vessel PlansFire and Lifesaving 26_JAN-2023
CG-030-Images of the Port Side Main Deck Access Door 26_JAN-2023
CG-031_1-Emergency Response Plan 2021 and Appendix B_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-032-Various Vessel Checklists 26_JAN-2023
CG-033-SPIRIT OF NORFOLK Vessel Logs May 2022_Available Ashore 26_JAN-2023
CG-034_1-Scheduled and Completed Trips May 1, 2022 to Accident Date 26_JAN-2023
CG-035-Vsl Plans_Evacuation Plan Drawing 26_JAN-2023
CG-036-CG 2692 Report of Marine Casualty SPIRIT OF NORFOLK_June 7_2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-037-Employee Handbook and Deckhand Training_Redacted  26_JAN-2023
CG-038-Vessel Plans_General Arrangement 26_JAN-2023
039_1-Vessel Plans and Photos  Hydraulic Steering System 26_JAN-2023
CG-040-Vessel Plans_Bilge _ Fire System 26_JAN-2023
CG-041-Crew handbook 2021_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-042_1-Image Two Incident Commanders June 7, 2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-043_1-Images of Significant Vessels That Provided Assistance 26_JAN-2023
CG-045-Vessel Shoreside Alarm Monitoring Service Report 26_JAN-2023
CG-046-CG Inspection/ Investigation since May 10, 2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-047_1-Engine Room Escape Hatch and Watertight Door 26_JAN-2023
CG-048-Notes Marine Salvor and Night Orders 26_JAN-2023
CG-049-Combined General Hydro Statics (GHS) Modeling For SPIRIT OF NORFOLK 26_JAN-2023
CG-050-2016 Interior Renovation 26_JAN-2023
CG-051-Vessel Plans Structural Fire Protection 26_JAN-2023
CG-052-Engine Room Post Fire Photos 26_JAN-2023
CG-053-Port Main Engine Turbocharger Post Fire Photos 26_JAN-2023
CG-055-Model of SPIRIT OF NORFOLK With Path to ER Hatch and WTD 26_JAN-2023
CG-056-Pre and Post Fire Photos- General 26_JAN-2023
CG-057-Text Messages From Bay Diesel To/From Captain Nadeau 26_JAN-2023
CG-058-Port Engine Before and After Jacket Water Casualty 26_JAN-2023
CG-059-Image with Markup Showing the Port Seachest Small Diameter Flex Hoses 26_JAN-2023
CG-060-Passenger Interview Diagrams 26_JAN-2023
CG-062-Images of Interior Wheelhouse SPIRIT OF NORFOLK from June 6, 2022 Survey w/CG Markups 26_JAN-2023
CG-063-SCANIA Provided Emails and Documents/ Partial/ Relevant 26_JAN-2023
CG-064-Extracts from the NTSB Conception Report on the Fire on the Small Passenger Vessel CONCEPTION, September 2, 2019  26_JAN-2023
CG-065-33 CFR Parts 96 Extracts Safety Management System 26_JAN-2023
CG-066-Police Scanner Notes for Sr. VP City Cruises 26_JAN-2023
CG-067-Port list SPIRIT OF NORFOLK early morning June 9, 2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-068_1-Fire Plan SPIRIT OF NORFOK at the Command Post Pier 4 on June 7, 2022 with CG markups 26_JAN-2023
CG-070-Flagship Safety Management Systgem  for Members of the PVA  26_JAN-2023
CG-071-Combined Pre- Hearing NTSB Produced Interview Transcripts 26_JAN-2023
CG-072-USCG Work Instruction SPV Risk Based Inspection Program 26_JAN-2023
CG-074-Extracts SPIRIT OF NORFOLK Preventative Maintenance Program 26_JAN-2023
CG-075_1-Small Passenger Vessel Fleet Statistics For Background And Industry Context 11_1_22 26_JAN-2023
CG-076-SPIRIT OF NORFOLK Non-Tank Vessel Response Plan (NTVRP) 26_JAN-2023
CG-077-Typical CG Sector Marine Inspection Organization 26_JAN-2023
CG-078-USCG Small Passenger Vessel Tier System 26_JAN-2023
CG-079_1-Engine Placement Sketch Plan View_quarter inch equal one foot 26_JAN-2023
CG-080-Vessel Side Profile and Overhead Sketch With Labels (NTSB) 26_JAN-2023
CG-081-Emails regarding SON between 15 May 2022 and 26 May 2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-082-Spirit of Norfolk - Origin and Cause ATF_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-083_1-Incident Situation Reports UC and Other Related Sources_June 6_2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-084-Items In The Vicinity Of The Port Main Diesel Engine_June 6_2022 26_JAN-2023
CG-086_1-Bundled City Cruises Emails GM and Dir of Marine Ops_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-087-22-080-Rel NTSB Materials Lab Factual Report Hydraulics_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-088-Fire Agencies Initial Reports minus Norfolk Navy Report 26_JAN-2023
CG-089-SON Replacment Turbo Shipping Information_W CG Markups_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-090-HOLSET Turbo Troubleshooting Bulliten_W CG Markups 26_JAN-2023
CG-091-CG Procedure for Issuing Deficiencies to U.S. Flag Vessels_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-092-Extract COMDT Inst M16130.2F Addendum SAR Manual_Firefighting 26_JAN-2023
CG-093-Combined Images of SPIRIT OF NORFOLK Firefighting USCG_Redacted 26_JAN-2023
CG-094-USCG Regulations SME Presentation 26_JAN-2023
CG-095-USCG Compliance SME Presentation 26_JAN-2023
CG-096-Spirit of Norfolk CFD Presentation Rev 2023-01-20 (002) 26_JAN-2023
CG-097-Navy Statement regarding SPV Spirit of Norfolk Fire 26_JAN-2023
CG-098-NORFOLK Firefighters Q and A 26_JAN-2023
CG-099-USCG PQS T_K 26_JAN-2023
CG-100-Elements of Standard Operating Procedures  
BAYPWR – Exhibit A 30-JAN-2023