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Annual screening dental exams are required for readiness. Because these exams are a covered benefit under Tricare and most civilian dental plans, members can no longer be reimbursed for dental exams.

Reserve members who are without dental insurance and are 50 miles or more from a Coast Guard Dental Treatment Facility (DTF) can elect to call the Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) Dental Screening Number at 1-888-697-4299 to schedule an appointment with a contract dentist for a screening examination. The closest DTF is in Clearwater.

After making the call, you will be mailed a dental package that should be taken to your appointment. Do not bring your dental record. After your exam, the Provider will input your information into the DENCAS System for uploading into CGBI. They will then forward your completed paperwork to Sector Clinic.

This dental screening is at no cost to the member. Dental cleaning and treatment is not authorized. Such cleaning and any treatment necessary to become dentally ready (Class I or II) are the responsibility of the Member. Members may use one Readiness Management Period (RMP) for this screening. If you have to change your exam date, you must call the RHRP number. If you are scheduled with a contract dentist beyond 50 miles of your home, you are authorized travel reimbursement. This dental screening is separate from the PHA and does not align with member’s birth month.

Members who do not wish to utilize this RHRP process may use their own private dentist; however you are responsible for all costs and cannot get reimbursed. If you see your own dentist, have the dentist complete a Dental Form DD-2813 (printable from this website). The dentist or member must scan and email the form to the appropriate HS or fax the form to the clinic at (904) 564-7583. The member may also hand carry the form to the clinic.