Fifth District Menu

Fifth Coast Guard District

District Divisions:

d - District Commander
RADM Keith Smith

Chief of Staff
              CAPT Gregory Stump

              Command Master Chief
              CMC Leonard Barbazon

              LCDR Richard Malmstrom

              Senior Reserve Officer
              CAPT Michael Arnold

Reserve Command Chief
              CMC Douglas Gilmer

              Auxiliary Commodore North
              COMO Thomas Dever

              Auxiliary Commodore South
              COMO Michelle Thornton



de - External Affairs
LT Amanda Faulkner


dl - Legal Staff
CDR Robert Pirone


dm - Resources and Planning Staff
Mr. Chris Scraba


dp - Prevention Division
CAPT Jerry Barnes

              dpi - Inspections and Investigation
              CDR Jennifer Stockwell

              dpw - Waterways Management
              CDR Edward Munoz

              dpb - Bridge Branch
              Mr. Hal Pitts

              dpa-nr - Auxiliary Northern Region
              LCDR Victoria Taylor

              dpa-sr - Auxiliary Southern Region
              CDR Eric May


dr - Response Division
CAPT Jeff Janszen

              drm - Incident Management
              CAPT Brendan Kelly

              dre - Enforcement
              CDR Jose Diaz

              dri - Intelligence
              LCDR Lisa Aguirre

              drmc - Command Center
              LCDR Wes Geyer


dx - Planning and Force Readiness
CAPT Scott Benson

dxr - Force Readiness
              CDR Richard Howell
              dxo - Operations Planning
              LCDR Miguel Torrez

              dxc - Contingency Planning
              Mr. David Ormes

              da - Administration
              CWO LaCretia Marshall

              dt - Telecommunications & Security
              LT Erin Thorpe