Fifth District

Fifth Coast Guard District

District Command Staff:


Administration (da)

Response Division (dr)
           Incident Management Branch (drm)
           Law Enforcement Branch (dre)

           Intelligence Branch (dri)

Prevention (dp)
          Waterways Management Branch (dpw)
          Inspections and Investigations Branch (dpi)

Bridge Branch (dpb)
Auxiliary Branch (dpa-sr)
Auxiliary Branch (dpa-nr)

Planning and Force Readiness (dx)
Operations Branch (dxo)
           Contingency Branch (dxc)

Reserve Force Readiness Branch (dxr)

Resources and Planning Division (dm)

District Telecommunications (dt)                                                                                                            

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4IT) Security



         Sector Maryland-NCR
         Sector Delaware Bay
         Sector Hampton Roads
         Sector North Carolina

Sector Field Offices:

Atlantic City, NJ
Cape Hatteras, NC
Eastern Shore, VA

Marine Safety Units
           Wilmington, NC

Air stations:

Atlantic City, NJ
Elizabeth City, NC