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Lodging Request Calendar

Lodging Confirmation Numbers

IDT Berthing guide

Plan of the Month:
Organization Chart:

Sector Jacksonville Reserve Organization Chart


CG WebMail

LOCAL Worksheets/Forms

IDT Lodging Request Worksheet

ADT Request Worksheet

IDT and or Berthing Cancellation Request Form


VDI Request Form

VDI Installation Instructions (Non-CG Computer)

New PHA/Dental Process

IDT Completion Sheet CG1570
Used if conducting IDT not on Drill weekend

(E-mail worksheets/ documents to: YN1 Mims)

MRTT has been replaced. Please refer to the link below for the directions on how to seek/apply for mobilization opportunities.

Direct Access Mobilization Self-Service User Guide

LMS/GTCC Training Computer Settings Guide

 D7 IDT Lodging Request User Guide

Contact Information:

RFRS Staff:

CWO4 James M. Dignan (904) 714-7577

YN1 Dan P. Mims III (904) 714-7578


JP Morgan Chase (GTCC): (888) 297-0781

ADTRAV: (855) 576-4781

LHI (PHA): (800) 666-2833 or (877) 437-6313


Senior Reserve Officer (SRO)
CDR Casey Johnson                       

Reserve Command Senior Chief:

BMCM Patrick Davis


Reserve Policies and Guidance

D7 Reserve Program Management, CGD7 INST 1001.1A

D7 FY20 Guidance MSG

D7 FY19 Guidance MSG.docx   

FY19 (SELRES) BONUS MSG.docx                  

159-16_ALCOAST - IDT Pay Support Documentation

Required Use of Travel Management Center (TMC) for Lodging  **Currently ADTRAV** 



New change to weight program, a one year pilot program will begin with the new FY20. FAQ linked to image.