Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations on your orders to USCGC VENTUROUS. VENTUROUS is one of 14 "reliance" class cutters and was first commissioned in 1968. VENTUROUS is home-ported in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her motto, "Nemo Supra" means "None Better." You can expect a challenging and rewarding assignment. We look forward to your arrival!

I. Reporting Procedures:

When VENTUROUS is inport:

Report to VENTUROUS at 0645, Monday thru Friday, in tropical blue long with combination cover and ask for the OOD. If you report on Saturday or Sunday, report no later than 0900. The cutter moors at the south pier of Sector St. Petersburg.

Physical address:
1301 Beach Drive South,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701.
E-mail: YN1 Lyon, Andrew

When VENTUROUS is underway:

Report to Sector St. Petersburg Admin Office at 0730 on your report date in tropical blue long with combination cover and ask for the ships servicing yeoman at the Servicing Personnel Office. If they are not available, check-in with the Sector OOD. Sector St. Petersburg will help you make travel arrangements to meet VENTUROUS at our next port of call.

The Sector’s address is:

Physical address:
600 8th Ave SE,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

Sector St. Petersburg Admin office: 727-502-8780.

If reporting on a weekend or holiday, you should report directly to the Sector and ask to see the OOD. If traveling by commercial air, it is recommended that you fly into Tampa International Airport. Local transportation is approximately $55.00 to Sector St. Petersburg.

II. Housing Office:

All E-4 and above receive BAH and live on the economy. Others will live onboard until Basic Damage Control and GPOW qualifications are complete.

III. Deployment Info.:

VENTUROUS generally deploys 185 days a year to patrol the waters of the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico. Our primary missions include counter-drug operations, illegal migrant interdiction, and search and rescue. Our average patrol length is 6-7 weeks. Some of the port calls in the Caribbean Basin are guaranteed to offer memories of a lifetime!

IV. Ombudsman:

Mrs. Stephanie Iaboni
E-mail: Venturous Ombudsman
The Ombudsmen serve as a liaison between family members and the Command of VENTUROUS, both while the cutter is inport and underway. They provide a direct link, via the Executive Officer, for matters pertaining to patrol schedules, hurricane sorties, emergencies, and other matters that impact family members.

V. General Info:

Prior to reporting aboard, you will be assigned a sponsor who will help to make your transition to VENTUROUS as smooth as possible. You should be contacted several weeks before your report date. If not, contact the unit to ensure that you have been assigned a sponsor and we will help to coordinate your arrival.
Space is tight aboard ship, so you should plan to pack light if you will be living onboard. Depending on your paygrade and your berthing area, there is generally enough space for a full sea bag and a full garment bag worth of personal clothing and gear.

Mailing Address:

Commanding Officer
600 8th AVE SE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5030