National Strike Force

The National Strike Force (NSF) provides highly trained, experienced personnel and specialized equipment to Coast Guard and other federal agencies to facilitate preparedness for and response to oil and hazardous substance pollution incidents in order to protect public health and the environment. The NSF’s area of responsibility covers all Coast Guard Districts and Federal Response Regions.


The NSF totals over 200 active duty, civilian, reserve, and auxiliary personnel and includes the National Strike Force Coordination Center (NSFCC); the Atlantic Strike Team; the Gulf Strike Team; and the Pacific Strike Team.


Contact Information

National Strike Force (CC)
Office 252.331.6000
Fax 252.331.6012
CDO 252.267.3458

U.S. Coast Guard
National Strike Force Coordination Center
1461 North Road Street
Elizabeth City, NC 27909-324

Office 609.724.0008
CDO 609.556.9376
Fax 609.724.0232

U.S. Coast Guard
Atlantic Strike Team
Bldg 5614, Doughboy Loop
Fort Dix, NJ 08640

Office 251.441.6601
CDO 251.441.6601 (forwards to watch standard)
Fax 251.441.6610

U.S. Coast Guard
Gulf Strike Team
Aviation Training Center
Mobile, AL 36608-9690

Office 415.883.3311
CDO 415.559.9908
Fax 415.883.7814

U.S. Coast Guard
Pacific Strike Team
Hangar 2, Hamilton Rd.
Novato, CA 94949-5082