Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA) Manama, Bahrain


This page provides information for members transferring to PATFORSWA.


In addition to the items issued to you during PDT, ensure you bring a set of trops w/ combination cover. 


Feel free to ship items prior to arriving but ensure you communicate with your sponsor before you do. You will receive an individual address after you arrive but you can also use the PATFORSWA address at the bottom of this page.

Cell Phones:

You will all be provided cell phones upon reporting. This phone will be the primary means of communication for work and shall be on hand at all times. E3-E5 can only call within Bahrain; E6+ will have the ability to call outside of Bahrain FOUO. 

Personal Cell Phone:

International devices that accept SIM cards are very popular here. There are several local providers you can buy data plans to use these devices. Most members use Skype, Magicjack, or other VOIP software for calling to the states. Ensure you check with your service provider prior to departing the states to ensure your phones are/can be unlocked.


Many countries in the region restrict access to various websites. It is highly recommended you download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to your computer. Recommend downloading a VPN before you deploy. Some of the media sites may be blocked without a VPN include Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Pandora Radio, and various other websites. For more information contact your sponsor.

Home Items:

Depending on when/if you conducted your HHG move, it can take anywhere from 30-75 days for your belongings to arrive. Once your items arrive in Bahrain, it should take only a few days to arrange delivery to your residence. Each villa/flat/apartment is fully furnished with an assortment of appliances, TVs, tables and chairs. All other items can be purchased at local stores or the exchange. Each bed is king sized for reference. It is recommended you bring your own bicycle.


Bahrain power is 220v 50hz as opposed to the states 110v 60z. A transformer is necessary for anything rated at 110V. Most flats will have these provided, but if not they can easily be purchased locally. Double-check before you plug in your equipment…it’s easy to fry expensive electronics out here!  


Summer temperatures can range anywhere from 90F-130F during the March-November months. Winter cools to 50F-80F from December-February. Bring your beanie, fleece jackets, and sufficient civilian clothes.  Most restaurants have dress codes (pants, collared shirts, dress shoes, etc.). Crew members usually wear suits/sports jackets to brunches. Liberty dress codes prohibit tank tops, PT attire, and articles with military/political/offensive images or slogans. Anything with a military affiliation is strictly against the dress code when you are off base.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is based off of the phase of the moon, so every year the first day or Ramadan shifts slightly. This is the Islamic period when Muslims focus on religion and their connection with Allah and the Quran by fasting between sunrise-sunset. NAVCENT policy requires all service members to wear long sleeves and pants to respect cultural practices.  Members are also prohibited from eating and drinking in public.


NSA Bahrain hosts many sporting leagues throughout the year. There is softball, football, soccer, and other leagues. Bring snorkeling and SCUBA gear if you are interested in oyster/pearl diving. There is also a local hockey rink. Much like any military establishment, NSA Bahrain offers a full gym and facilities with everything you could need.


PATFOR SWA has government leased vehicles primarily used for base transportation.  These vehicles fall under the government vehicle program and therefore not authorized to “take home” with you. You are required to obtain a license to drive a government vehicle on base. A few people purchase or rent vehicles locally. It is strongly recommended you procure and ship a bicycle since it will most likely be your primary means of transportation. It is about a 15-30 minute bike ride from your residence to the ship, depending on where you live. Your bike has to be registered to get on base.  A bike and all its required items can be purchased at NSA Bahrain as well as local bike shops. The frame and chain will rust quickly and the tires will probably wear down quickly because of the heat and their continuous use. Bikes can be purchased at the exchange or at bike shops in town but are generally more expensive. Check with your sponsor to determine whether they are selling their bike.


Please check your welcome aboard messages for accurate contact information.

Ships Number: (757)263-4059

Mail Address:

PSC 851 BOX 114
FPO AE 09834