Command Philosophy

I am truly honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve as your Commanding Officer.

The cutter fleet represents the very best of the Coast Guard. Life at sea is not easy. Only those

who have done it can truly appreciate the tremendous sacrifice that each of you and your

families endure in service of our great nation.

Our ship's motto, "The Spirit Lives On" embodies the passion and commitment I want each of

us to feel. It is my sincere hope that when we look back upon our time in ESCANABA we will

be able to do so with great pride for the many accomplishments we achieved and with heart-felt

appreciation for the shipmates we served alongside.

The Coast Guard's Core Values are more than words. They define us as an organization, and

serve as reminder of the promise we made to the American people.

Honor: As professional military members, our word is our bond. We must be able to

place our trust and our lives in one another.

Respect: Everyone onboard ESCANABA has a voice. We will always value our

shipmates and together as a crew find the strength and resiliency needed to accomplish

the mission.

Devotion to Duty: The threats the Coast Guard face today are dynamic and complex.

We will remain steadfast in our training and preparation to ensure we are ready to carry

out our tasking in a safe, professional manner.

We are unique individuals with our own personal motivations, inspirations, and goals. But

together, we are a crew that is capable of extraordinary things.

M. A. Turdo

Commanding Officer