North Charleston, South Carolina 29405



We hope you are excited by the prospect of sailing on one of the newest major cutters in the fleet. As the crew, we are entrusted to carry on Alexander Hamilton's legacy and strive to live up to his reputation of excellence. As we serve on HAMILTON, we are reminded of Alexander Hamilton, who, as the Secretary of Treasury, proposed establishing the Revenue Cutter Service, forerunner of today’s United States Coast Guard.

Reporting Aboard

All crewmembers must first report to the Visitor’s Center on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in North Charleston. Be sure to have your orders, ID, car registration, and proof of insurance with you. You will not be granted access with your vehicle to FLETC if you do not have these documents. Personal firearms are not authorized onboard FLETC. Do not bring them in your vehicle when reporting.  If HAMILTON is in port, report to the ship in the Tropical Blue Uniform NLT 0730. If HAMILTON is underway, report to Base Charleston located at 1050 Register St, Charleston, SC.

Please relay your reporting plans to your sponsor once finalized.


If reporting within the United States, Tropical Blue Long with Combination Cover is required. If reporting to the unit in a foreign port, neat and presentable civilian clothing is authorized.

Personal Space and Storage:

Berthing areas are equipped with heads and racks for either four or six people in each space. There is limited personal storage space in berthing areas including one gym locker with additional lock box, limited storage space beneath bottom rack (no coffin rack storage), and a sea bag locker.


Your sponsor will be your primary source of detailed information regarding your move, HAMILTON, your future duties, watch standing and qualifications, and training requirements.  A welcome aboard message will be sent to your command as soon as you receive orders to USCGC HAMILTON and will identify your sponsor.  Do not hesitate to make contact with your sponsor.  If you cannot reach your sponsor feel free to contact the ship’s yeoman or command senior chief whose contact info is located above.


HAMILTON’s housing needs are primarily met through the Housing Officer at USCG Sector Charleston.  Members with dependents may liaison directly with Charleston Naval Weapons Station Housing or may obtain housing in the open market.  Members E-6 and below, that are single, will reside in government quarters if such facilities do not meet the minimum standards and are then entitled to a housing allowance. 

All incoming members are required to submit an application for assignment to military housing, form CG-5267, along with a copy of your PCS orders to the Housing Officer at your new duty station.  Information regarding mandatory housing assignment and a list of frequently asked questions can be found at // 

You must obtain a release from mandatory assignment prior to procuring housing in the civilian sector. Contact your local Housing Officer for assistance.

Contact your sponsor for further information.

Sector Charleston Housing Office: (843)720-7746 Naval Weapons Station Housing Office: (843) 764-4094

Local Information

For information on the local base services at the Charleston Airforce Base and the Charleston Naval Weapons Station visit

Some useful links for the local school districts are below.

Charleston County School District

Berkeley County School District

Dorchester County School District


We care about the health and well being of the entire HAMILTON family, including members as well as their spouses and dependents.  Crew member’s primary medical needs are met through the Naval Health Clinic Charleston at the Naval Weapons NAVAL HEALTH CLINIC CHARLESTON (NWS).  Acute care illnesses (colds, minor injuries, etc) will be handled by the onboard HS staff or by Sector Medical.  Below are some helpful phone numbers for medical resources.

Naval Health Clinic Charleston Appointments – (843) 794-6221

Sector Charleston Medical Appointments – (843) 740-3147

Duty HS (After Hours, Weekends, Federal Holidays) – (843) 708-4317

Periodic Health Assessments (PHA) – 1 (800) 666-2833

Dental Care – (843) 764-7944

TRICARE Service Center – 1 (800) 444-5445

USCG Health Benefits Advisor – 1 (800) 942-2422

DEERS – 1 (800) 538-9552

Commanding Officer
ATTN: (SN Jane Smith)
FPO AE 09573-3907