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VALIANT's Command Chief:

MKC Dale Prettyman


Operations Department: 

The Operations Department is concerned with the execution of Coast Guard missions, primarily Search and Rescue, Counter-drug Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Alien Migration Interdiction Operations. The Operations Department is responsible for VALIANT's weapons systems, navigation systems, VALIANT's sophisticated communications suite, and the supporting elements of each. The Operations Department is divided into three divisions: Navigation, Weapons, and Communications.

Engineering Department:

The Engineering Department is the "heart and soul" of VALIANT’s continued outstanding reputation for meeting all operational commitments. Whether repairing and maintaining the propulsion equipment or the extensive array of "hotel services" to maintain the outstanding quality of life, the Engineers onboard always have a project in the works. The Engineers are also responsible for all Damage Control and electrical equipment throughout the ship.

Deck Department:

Under the direction of the Deck Department Head or First Lieutenant, the Deck department has a multifaceted mission onboard, responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of VALIANT's small boats, the completion of all hull maintenance, and participation in all flight evolutions. “Deckies” or non-rated personnel assigned to Deck Department, are the experts in deck seamanship, responsible for handling lines during mooring evolutions. Underway, non-rated personnel in the Deck Department stand helm and lookout watch, as well as Quartermaster of the Watch and security watch.


Administration Department:

The Administration Department serves as the unit support group, with health care, food service, parts and supply management, procurement, and personnel administration. The Supply, Food Service, Administration, and Health Service Divisions are under the purview of the Administration Department Head or Administration Officer. They actively ensure the unit has the tools and supplies needed to succeed regarding operations, inspections, and non-operational periods.