Grizzly of the Gulf Newsletter

ADAK spent most of the months of September and October roaming the Arabian Gulf making friends with regional neighbors and coalition partners from around the globe. On more than one occasion ADAK was called to cover an emergent event that brought a better understanding among militaries in the region and increased goodwill between nations.

Some of the more memorable at sea moments included having an opportunity to drive one another's ship’s, joint training events, and conducting professional exchanges. One of the most touching human moments was when ADAK’s grizzled boat- swain mate Chief Robert Thomas helped
a young ensign from a Gulf country understand how to drive ADAK. By the end of the day, BMC Thomas
had him “driving like a coastie”. 

Additionally, ADAK continued her other missions in the region, notably visiting local fishermen from various Gulf countries to build positive relation- ships and to ensure a safe maritime environment.