From the Commanding Officer:

Congratulations on your orders to USCGC ADAK (WPB 1333) and welcome to PATFORSWA! You are coming to a ship with a proud history and an equally proud crew that is committed to professionalism, leadership, and being good shipmates. Regardless of your position, I am confident you will find your tour on ADAK to be one of the most challenging and satisfying of your career.



Command Philosophy

"To Europe and Far East..."

Our goal is to accomplish all assigned missions--to protect the United States and its interests.  The most critical factor in achieving our goal is our people.  I will do everything I can to ensure your needs are met.


This tour is what you make it, and it will take all of us, working as a team, to succeed.  Cultivate an optimistic mind, and take pride in your work.

Take pride in being a member of the U.S. Coast Guard:  We are presenting our Service not only to the Department of Defense but also to the world.


Every job on this ship is important"  Every job enables us to maneuver, communicate, and shoot.  Every job on this ship helps us accomplish the mission.  Work to become an expert at whatever you do:  Do not settle for 'good enough.'  Proficiency is so much more than just working to avoid errors or gigs on a checklist.


We serve in an inherently dangerous environment.  Honor and keep our core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty in all you do.  Watch out for your shipmates--we are far from home and your shipmates are your family.  Be alert:  Immediately report safety issues.


CGC ADAK has served with distinction since her commissioning.  With your help, we will continue her strong record of performance.  This is your ship:  Own your job, own our history, own our mission, and own our reputation.  We are ADAK.

LT Natalia Best
Commanding Officer.