Patrol Forces Southwest Asia





Cutter personnel comprise the largest population of PATFORSWA members. Afloat personnel can expect a high operations tempo. The number of people assigned to crews has been increased to accommodate the mission readiness demand. Cutter home ports are located at Naval Support Activity Bahrain alongside numerous US Navy and Combined Maritime Forces ships.

The following cutters are assigned to PATFORSWA:


Current Operations Department 

The Current Operations Department is responsible for the dynamic patrol schedule ensuring Fast Response Cutter resources are available for mission coverage within the US Naval Forces Central Command’s (NAVCENT) AOR.  The Operations Department includes the Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection (AT/FP) and Weapons Divisions including a shoreside armory. 

Weapons Division

The weapons division is a shoreside support unit responsible for the maintenance of all assigned weapons and marksmanship for the entire unit. The cutter’s assigned Gunner’s Mates coordinate with shoreside personnel to ensure readiness of cutter weapons systems and personnel.

The division also manages the unit’s AT/FP program qualifying all shoreside personnel to support required pier side AT/FP watch billets.

Logistics Department

Engineering Division

The engineering division provides comprehensive cutter maintenance augmentation support from their warehouse at Naval Support Activity Bahrain. Engineering is responsible for the timely repairs of cutter casualties, dockside maintenance, and coordinating drydock availabilities. 

PATFORSWA has a well-supplied machine and workshop allowing engineers and damage control personnel to fabricate necessary items to facilitate emergency repairs and reduce logistical delay for specialized parts.

The deck shop, a part of engineering division, ensures cutter readiness by maintaining rescue and survival equipment and hull preservation for the six Fast Response Cutters.

Personnel and Administration Division

The administration division is comprised of a health services and personnel services divisions. The health services division is responsible for both sick-call patient care treatment and medical readiness of unit personnel. The yeomen in the personnel services division are responsible for ensuring readiness of personnel by managing pay and administrative requirements. The division also management US Mail Services and Visa requirements.

Supply Division

The supply division is responsible for the procurement and contracting needs, budgetary requirements, and warehouse management. This department also manages government leased housing, vehicles, and issued cellular phones.

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, and Intelligence (C5I) Department

The C5I department is responsible for ensuring personnel are aware of current threats in the AOR. The department coordinates the unit’s intelligence collection program and supplies information to assigned cutters.

The C5I department is also responsible for all of the unit’s communications systems, as well as managing personnel security and the Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) program.

Information Systems and Electronics are maintained by a combined shop supporting shoreside, deployable, contingency, and cutter communications.  Each cutter has an increased communications suite with unique systems rarely found else ware in the fleet.  With the high operational tempo and speed of service required in the AOR, it is one of the most challenging communications support jobs in the fleet.

Future Operations and Exercises Department  

The department is responsible for the planning of subject matter expert exchanges with partners throughout the region as well as the operation of the Maritime Engagement Team (MET).

The MET is responsible for assisting in the maintenance of currencies for cutters Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure Team qualifications as well as managing Water Survival Certifications. Additionally, personnel from the team are often asked to participate in professional exchanges with other coalition forces throughout the region.