Marine Safety Security Team Houston (91104)

Commanding Officer

LCDR Jason Holstead

Executive Officer

LT Pantelis Vasilarakis

Command Senior Chief

MKCS Thomas Daire

Maritime Safety & Security Team Houston (91104) is an active duty commissioned Coast Guard unit assigned to Commander, Atlantic Area. Maritime Safety and Security Teams (MSSTs) provide a dedicated active duty force of about 50 personnel, possessing specialized skills, capabilities, and expertise to perform a broad range of port security and harbor defense missions. Modeled after the Port Security Unit and Law Enforcement Detachment programs, MSSTs offer a complementary, non-redundant Coast Guard capability that enhances readiness in our nation’s strategic ports. MSSTs are trained in Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE) practices and policies enabling them to take the lead or augment Coast Guard forces during major marine events, contingencies, and other Coast Guard law enforcement operations in ports, harbors, waterways, and coastal regions.

MSSTs are organized into a command cadre, one waterside security team, planning department, engineering department and support/administration department. MSSTs are fully mission ready to conduct operations without the need for supplemental training or additional outfitting through all maritime security levels, and are capable of operating under the threat of chemical, biological, or radiological attack.

Contact Information  


13411 Hillard St
Houston, TX 77034
Phone (409) 771-2853