Sector Northern New England

259 High St. South Portland, ME 04106-0007

Primary: (207) 767-0320

Emergency: (207) 767-0303


Sector Northern New England, through its 19 sub-units and over 1,100 Active, Civilian, Reserve and Auxiliary personnel, executes operational missions across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and northeastern New York in an area of responsibility that spans over 5,000 miles of coastline and 11,000 square nautical miles of water. It includes a number of coastal and river cargo ports, cruise ship destinations, and the waters of Lake Champlain.

With over 1,000 deep draft vessels arriving annually, the ports account for the movement of significant bulk and container freight. In addition, many ferries and tour boats operate in the region, transporting millions of passengers and serving as vital links to island communities and bordering states.

Boat building remains a strong regional tradition with new vessels constructed each year. Other unique features of the Sector's area of responsibility include joint protection and response missions along the Canadian border and the continued support and rapport shared with local Native American Tribal communities.


Sector Commander: Captain Amy E. Florentino

Deputy Sector Commander: CDR Megan L. Drewniak

Command Master Chief: Master Chief Trevor Hughes

Senior Reserve Officer:  Commander James V. Lovenstein

Reserve Command Master Chief: YNCM Lena A. Boulanger