Air Station Atlantic City
Atlantic City, NJ


AIRSTA Atlantic City OMBUDSMAN Corner

The purpose of the OMBUDSMAN is to "assist" units and families by providing information about family services, sources of assistance, Coast Guard and unit policies, activities of interest to family members, family benefits, and other information to minimize disruption related to relocation and deployments.

Who is Eligible for this Program?

The program is available to any Active Duty, Reservists, and their dependents. More importantly the program is tailored for those at the Air Station. Your support for the program is voluntary but recommended. Your knowledge of the area in regards to entertainment, medical or day care will help others.


A quarterly OMBUDSMAN update. A great resource for information pertaining to Air Station Atlantic City and the Coast Guard, including policy changes, moral events and social functions. Check back regularly for the most recent information.

Referral List

A great resource provided by information from Coast Guard Families. It includes recommended medical doctors, dentist, pediatricians, salons and a lot more. Many of us show up to a new community and have to start over. Most of us select our providers through word of mouth and now you have an inclusive list provided for you. We are starting our bi-annual update of the list so if you would like to help make the list better and add any of your favorites or dislikes, please contact us and we would be happy to include them.

Social Corner

Introducing the USCG Air Station Atlantic City Spouses on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, make sure to join.
E-mail OMBUDSMAN for schedule

Need a Baby Sitter?

We have built and are expanding the Air Station babysitter list. Due to the public access of the OMBUDSMAN website you will need to contact me directly for the babysitter information but we do have babysitters in the following areas: Millville, Galloway, Hammonton, Mays Landing, Egg Harbor Township and Pleasantville. If you know of anyone who would like to be added to the list, please let me know and I will be happy to include them in the listing.
E-mail OMBUDSMAN for current list.

Community Websites

This page has links to the local communities surrounding Air Station Atlantic City as well as the Great Schools website.  Learn about the local areas as well as the local schools.  The Great Schools website is available so you can find out the test ratings as well as parent ratings so you can get help deciding on a great school for your kids.

Spouse/Family Survey

Our primary object with this survey is to compile a comprehensive contact list in order to quickly disseminate information, if need be in an emergency. In this area, weather can quickly create an emergency, whether it be a Nor'easter, hurricane, earthquake or tornado. Due to mission of this unit, it is possibility that your family member may not be home. In those times, it's important for you, and for us to be able to contact you to assist you with any help you may need. The survey is also a means to break down barriers that prevent families from getting to know one and another. All information is voluntary and considered private unless stated otherwise. If you would only like to be contacted for emergency purposes, please specify.

Military Discount Resource List

Many of us don't realize how abundant military discounts are in the community and therefore aren't able to take advantage of them. Listed here are a few of the discounts provided within the community. It is by no means inclusive, so a good rule of thumb is to ALWAYS ask. If you find a store that isn't on our list let us know so we can add it. Plus check back on a regular basis because we will be updating all the time as we learn of more discounts.

The Bud List and Available Housing at the AIRSTA

Have furniture you would like sell? Moving and you know you don't want to bring those old baby clothes that you will never need again? What are you going to do with them? Why don't you put them on the Bud List! If you would like to submit items for resale please submit to by the last Tuesday of each month. If you also have an "At Home" business that you would like to promote send me that information.

Important Links & Files

A list of useful internet links to cover school, elder care, PCSing and more.

Jocelle Keenan