Sector Delaware Bay

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Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 271-4800

Normal Hours of Operation
0730 - 1600

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Sector Delaware Bay Emergency Management Force Readiness
Philadelphia, PA



The Contingency Planning and Force Readiness (CPFR) Staff is responsible for maintaining and monitoring unit readiness. CPFR functions include:

(1)   Develop and maintain all Sector plans for readiness, logistics, emergency preparedness and other similar plans and documents concerning domestic emergencies and regional contingencies.


(2)   Oversee and manage activities of the Area Maritime Security Committee, and Area Committee.

(3)   Manage overall Sector Incident Command System (ICS) training and qualification program.

(4)   Coordinate the planning and execution of readiness exercises to test and evaluate established plans.

(5)   Manage preparation and implementation of mobilization and demobilization of the Sector Reserve Force.



LCDR Kristina Quinn

EMFR Staff Chief


LT Raymond McKay

Reserve Force Readiness Chief

(215) 271-4844


LT Terry Plank

Asst EMFR Staff Chief


MSTCM Jennifer Ursin

Contingency Preparedness Specialist

(215) 271-4991


Mr. Bob Ward

Port Security Specialist


Mr. Jerry Conrad

Contingency Preparedness Specialist

(215) 271-4824


Mr. Emilio Mercado

Port Security Specialist - Recovery


Ms. Glena Tredinnick

Port Security Specialist

(215) 271-4800 x4653 






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