Sector Maryland-NCR Prevention Department

The Prevention Department’s function focuses on gaining compliance with regulatory standards, and the design and maintenance of waterway systems to prevent incidents. Prevention requires expertise in the technical understanding and practical conduct of verification inspections of vessels, investigations of casualties, enforcement of waterway safety and security standards, and waterway analyses.


Sector Maryland-NCR Inspections Division

The Chief, Inspections Division is responsible for managing and overseeing the regulatory and inspection elements of the Coast Guard’s marine safety, security, and environmental protection responsibilities.

Port State Control Branch

Responsible for foreign-flagged vessel examinations within Sector Maryland-NCR’s zone

Domestic Vessel Branch

Responsible for US-flagged vessel inspections within Sector Maryland-NCR’s zone.

Port Safety & Security

Responsible for inspections of facilities regulated by 33 CFR 105, 126, 127, 154, 156, and 158.  Also responsible for inspections of intermodal shipping containers.

For contact information to schedule an exam or inspection, please see the contact information on Sector Maryland-NCR’s Homeport page, here.

Sector Maryland- NCR Investigations Division

To report a marine casualty, please call the Sector Baltimore Command Center at 410-576-2525.

Coast Guard Sector Baltimore's Investigations Division conducts marine casualty investigations as a means to promote safety of life and property and to protect the marine environment. Our goal is to find the cause or causes of the casualty to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. 


Sector Maryland-NCR Waterways Division

Port Safety & Security; Marine Environmental Protection; Aids to Navigation; Waterways Management.