RAPIDS SITE for scheduling Appointments: 

Thursday 8:00 am to 2:30 pm 

Limited appointments available. 

It is important that appointments be scheduled within sufficient time frame prior to the expiration of the I.D. Card (typically 60 days prior to expiration). 

The USCG Air Station Personnel Services Division is one of several RAPIDS/DEERS sites located in Puerto Rico. 

Armed Forces Identification Cards and RAPIDS/DEERS information updating are performed in accordance with current DOD and Coast Guard Instructions. Below are some quick references of those services. 

Distinct ID Cards

The Department of Defense (DOD) provides members of the Uniformed Services with a distinct ID card identifying them as Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, or Retired members and authorizing them to receive Uniformed Services' benefits. The DOD also issues members' eligible family members and other eligible individuals a distinct ID card authorizing them to receive Uniformed Services' benefits and privileges. 

Cross-Servicing Agreement

The Uniformed Services have agreed to assist each other in verifying ID card eligibility. The Uniformed Services assist each other in verifying certain categories of eligible persons, even if they belong to another parent service. With on-line connection to the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)using the Real Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS), issuing activities shall ensure compliance with current DOD and Coast Guard instructions and provided cross-servicing assistance as applicable. 


AFID cards are issued to Active Duty, Reserves, Retirees, Dependents (10 years of age or older unless dependent is not residing with sponsor), and 100% Disabled Veterans (DVA) from all military services; DVA sponsors MUST have their letter of entitlement issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 


Previous AFID card which is surrendered when a new one is issued. Or any other form of picture ID, if the AFID card is lost or stolen. 

Active Duty and Reserve Members

Two forms of identification; one must have a picture, bring your current/expired government issued ID card and your work email address. The picture ID cannot be expired. Personal email addresses will not be accepted. 


Bring your current/expired government issued ID card and your retirement orders or DD Form 214. 


Dependents must be accompanied by the sponsor; or if not accompanied, they must have a DD-1172 (Application for Uniformed Service Identification Card DEERS Enrollment Form) signed by the sponsor and witnessed by a certifying official. These forms can now be downloaded from MilConnect at: www.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect
or done electronically at: www.dmdc.osd.mil/self_service/rapids/unauthenticated?execution=e1s1



A valid power of attorney is acceptable when sponsor is not present to sign for a family member's ID card application. If you are a newlywed, have a newborn child, have adopted a child or have a dependent over 21 and under the age of 23 in college, you will need to provide proper documentation. 

Documentation to bring

A marriage license, birth certificate, adoption papers; or a letter from the school registrar certifying full-time course of study leading to an associate's degree or higher and anticipated graduation date. 


A marriage certificate, birth certificates, proof of ID, and social security card or passport with SSN are required for new marriages. If a social security card has not been issued for the spouse/children, we will still enter the dependent into DEERS/RAPIDS for medical purposes, however, the period of eligibility is limited and will terminate unless a social security card is provided and DEERS/RAPIDS is updated. 

Newborn Children

Birth certificate and social security card are required for new born children. Newborns can be entered immediately following birth with paperwork issued by the birthing center to cover medical until the above documentation can be applied for and received; however, the period of eligibility is limited and will terminate unless a social security number is provided to an issuing site and the DEERS/RAPIDS database is updated. 


Age 21 and 22 (only if they are attending school FULL time), must provide a letter from the school certifying the dependent is enrolled as a full-time attendee. Members age 21 and over who do not attend full-time are no longer eligible for an ID card or considered a dependent. 

Civilian Employees

NAF/GS/WG civilian employee's service records are sent to DEERS via an authorized data feed. We can no longer enter any information into DEERS for civilian employees. Civilian Employees must have their Civilian Personnel Office enter their information into DEERS. If you are not in or updaed in DEERS we cannot process your CAC. Civilian Employees that have enrolled and are entered into DEERS should still call to verify DEERS enrollment at 1-800-538-9552, Option 3 and ensure your end date is correct. 


Newly hired Civilian Employees should anticipate a two week wait for DEERS enrollment. 

Contractor Employees

DOD's Trusted Associate Sponsorship System (TASS)is the only way that a contractor employee can obtain a CAC. Only contractors who have access to our facilities will be inputted into CVS. Contractor Employees that have enrolled and are entered into DEERS should still call to verify DEERS enrollment at 1-800-538-9552, Option 3. 

Other Puerto Rico Area DEERS / RAPIDS Locations

Ft. Buchanan: (787) 707-3938

Hours: 0730 - 1600 M-F

0830 - 1600 Thursday