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The MWR program at Air Station Borinquen is among the best in the Coast Guard. Our goal is to provide you, the Active Duty family, with a means of recreational, sporting and morale boosting functions. Borinquen's MWR program is operated by approximately 60 employees and 80 to 100 volunteers.

Teamed with the All Spouses Club (ASC), the MWR program funds morale boosters such as the Children's Holiday Parties, Adult Holiday Party, Egg Hunts, 4th of July Celebration and a New Year's Eve Party. Teamed with the Chief's Mess and the E-Lounge, MWR supports a Superbowl party and Chili Cook-off and several Sports Day activities.

Along with parent volunteers, MWR provides youth soccer in the fall, basketball in the spring and baseball in the winter. MWR also offers adult Captain's Cup sports in the areas of basketball, hockey, softball and volleyball. Swimming is offered at the base pool, along with a wide variety of swim classes. Aerobics classes and other services.

Various craft classes are sponsored in the MWR Arts and Crafts House and the Ceramics Shop.

The Community Center is is available for dining and special events. The Pelican Pub is open Wednesday “Wing Night” evening for your social enjoyment.

Our goal is to keep morale high while enhancing your tour at Air Station Borinquen. Your input and support of our activities is greatly appreciated!


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