USCGC SPAR (WLB-206) Characteristics


The USCGC SPAR is one of the most advanced vessels afloat. It is integrated with the latest technological developments in computers, navigation, environmental protection, and remote monitoring systems. The Integrated Ship Control System coordinates radar, satellite navigation, and computer generated charts with the cutter's controllable pitch propeller, rudder, and thrusters. With these advancements working in concert, SPAR can maintain station within a five meter circle without human intervention in even the most challenging weather. SPAR is also equipped with an advanced oil skimming system known as the Spilled Oil Recover System (SORS). Capable of performing aids to navigation, icebreaking, search and rescue, homeland security, law enforcement, and marine environmental protection, SPAR is a true multi-mission platform. SPAR and her sister ships will help ensure that the U.S. Coast Guard remains the world's premier maritime organization well into the next century.


Design Features
Complement 50 (eight Officers, 42 Enlisted) 
Displacement 2,000 tons at design draft
Length 225 feet
Beam 46 feet
Draft 13 feet
Speed 15 knots at full load displacement
Range 6,000 miles at 12 knots



Performance Characteristics
Main Propulsion Two 3,100hp Caterpillar diesel engines
Fixed pitch bow and stern thruster (450hp & 550hp) 
Electrical Power Two 450kW ship's service diesel generators
One 285kW emergency diesel generator
Deck Equipment 24' cutter boat
24' aluminum workboat
Buoy Crane 40'-60' extendable length boom
40,000lb capacity main hoist
10,000lb capacity auxiliary hoist
Ice Operations 14" fresh water ice at three knots continuous speed
36" packed fresh water ice by ramming