Coast Guard Station St. Clair Shores History

Station St. Clair Shores  history begins in the mid-1800s when St. Clair Flats Lighthouse was built as a navigational beacon on Lake St. Clair. The Lighthouse Establishment was one of the agencies which eventually became the present day Coast Guard. In 1941, the Coast Guard opened Station St. Clair Flats, on th e northeast side of Lake St. Clair, as the first unit built on the shores of Lake St. Clair. In 1954, the city of St. Clair Shores petitioned the Coast Guard for a rescue station. The city provided a small building located behind Blossom Heath Park and the building was called a Search and Rescue Unit. It was maintained by four people under the control of Station Belle Island in Detroit. By 1990, Station St. Clair Flats was decommissioned and Station St. Clair Shores served as the primary unit servicing Lake St. Clair.