Sector Lake Michigan Organization



Logistics Department

The Logistics Department is responsible for managing and executing all organic and unit-level support activities for administration and personnel, finance and supply, and engineering support services for the Sector.

• Logistics Officer:  (414) 747-7156
• Administration Officer: (414) 747-7102
• Engineering Officer: (414) 747-7113
• Facilities Engineering: (414) 747-7133
• Finance Officer: (414) 747-7091

Response Department

The Response Department is responsible for the direction and employment of all assigned Coast Guard response forces.

• Chief of Response: (414) 747-7145

• Sector Command Center: (414) 747-7190

Prevention Department

The Prevention Department is responsible for all Coast Guard operations directed at preventing maritime casualties, marine oil spills, accidents, and security related incidents at and on regulated waterfront facilities and vessels, including critical infrastructure.

• Chief of Prevention: (414) 747-7163

• Waterways Management Division: (414) 747-7188