Coast Guard Station Frankfort History

The long history of the Coast Guard in Frankfort began in 1887 with the U.S. Life Saving Service establishing a station in Elberta, MI. This life saving station is still standing approximately one half of a mile from where the current station sits today and has been fully restored to its original condition.

In 1934, a new 14,000 square foot station was built in Frankfort that contained wooden lifeboats mounted on rails inside the station boathouse directly underneath the living quarters. As technology progressed and lifeboats became larger and more sophisticated, the boats were kept at the docks near the station.

Construction began on a brand new, modern facility located next to the 1934 building in 2003 and the Coast Guard took possession of the building in June 2004. The summer of 2005 brought even more changes with the restructuring of command within the Coast Guard community. Sector Lake Michigan, located in Milwaukee, became the new parent unit for all units on Lake Michigan.