Coast Guard Station (ANT) Kenosha History

The first life saving station in Kenosha was built in 1879. The first keeper of the station was Benjamin G. Cameron, who was appointed on October 25, 1879. On May 30, 1907, Kenosha Life Saving Station received the first motor-driven life saving boat on Lake Michigan. A new station was built in 1934 to replace the outdated, original buildings from 1879.

Records indicate that this station responded to 2,307 calls for assistance from 1879 to June 30, 1935. The most important marine disaster within the scope of operations occurred on October 29, 1929, when the steamer Wisconsin sank 10 miles southeast of Kenosha Harbor. 28 people were rescued by members of this crew. In addition, 32 people were rescued by other craft and all were given first aid at this station. Approximately 780 people were rescued from drowning by Station Kenosha from 1879 to 1935.