Coast Guard Station Duluth History

The land for the Duluth Life Saving Station was donated by the City of Duluth to the Life Saving Service on June 19, 1866 at a cost of $1.00. The plot was known as Franklyn Square and was on the Minnesota Point. It was the duty of life saving station crews, in the earlier days, to maintain a visual watch of the coast and be prepared to launch their boats to assist any ship that seemed to be in trouble. Under the Coast Guard, it became the Duluth Lifeboat Station. With the advent of radio, the station was equipped with voice radio communications. Added later were an electronic repair ship, a group office, a light attendant station, and a light station at Duluth.

Due to an increase if responsibilities, crew size, and an aging building, the Coast Guard opened the current station in 1958. The current facilities in Duluth are occupied by Station Duluth, ANT Duluth, USCGC ALDER, and maintains a contingent to staff Station North Superior during the summer.