Marine Safety Unit Duluth

Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Duluth is positioned at the western end of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world and farthest inland port being 2,342 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The city of Duluth, nearby Superior, WI, and surrounding towns offer an outstanding quality of life and recreational outdoor activities enjoyed by over 150,000 residents. It is renowned for its top ranked schools, universities, hospitals, and thriving local businesses and restaurants downtown and along the scenic waterfront. Up on the hill there is a mall surrounded by a variety of mainstream restaurants and the airport. The "Northland" offers city and country living with all the amenities, plus being within a reasonable drive to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) for major sporting events, large airport, Mall of America, etc. Duluth area schools are consistently ranked high and there is an abundance of family and early childhood programs. There is also an aquarium, zoo, and children's museum.


Outdoor Magazine ranked Duluth as the "Best Outdoor Town for 2014" and was a runner-up for 2013's best outdoor adventure hub in the world. As a four season outdoor mecca, members are quick to take advantage of the plethora of activities, which are uniquely accessible from the heart of the city, ranging from the pristine shores of Lake Superior to 6,834 acres of city parkland and 178 miles of wooded trails. The vast North Shore runs northward to the Canadian border with the inland offering countless smaller lakes and an expansive network of hiking, snowmobiling, and ATV trails. Activities span widely, such as canoeing, kayaking, sailing/boating, fishing, hunting, downhill/cross-country/Nordic skiing, and even surfing. Not only is Duluth known for drawing outdoor enthusiasts from all over, but also attracts large crowds to see ships pass by the popular Canal Park area, port events (e.g. Tall Ships), Grandma's Marathon, and outdoor music and festival events, including large-scale holiday lighting and July 4th fireworks displays.


In summer 2014, the MSU relocated to a historic federal building in downtown Duluth with spaces completely redesigned, remodeled, and newly equipped to meet modern office standards. The unit has an on-site gym as well as access to the YMCA two blocks from the unit. The MSU is a neighbor of four other CG units: Station, Aids to Navigation Team, Electronic Support Detachment, and CGC ALDER. MSU's parent command, Sector Sault Sainte Marie, is located on the eastern end of Lake Superior. MSU Duluth is staffed with one Chief Marine Science Technician (MST), three MST1s, two MST2s, and four MST3s. It is one of the few MSUs charged with Captain of the Port (COTP), Officer in Charge Marine Inspections (OCMI), Federal Maritime Security (FMSC) and Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) duties and responsibilities for a tri-state zone. Missions include Port State Control (PSC), Waterfront Facility and Commercial Vessel Inspections, Pollution Response (PR), and Port and Waterways Management. MSTs have the opportunity to achieve PSC Examiner, Facility Inspector, PR, Waterways, and FOSC Representative qualifications. When members need additional exposure and experience in order to round out their qualifications, the Command looks to cross-training partnerships with other MSUs/Sectors between the Ninth and Seventh Districts. Additionally, members take advantage of rotating amongst the Divisions to become more well-rounded. Exposure to marine inspections is available year-round with the MSU overseeing a sizable OCMI fleet of responsibility ranging from Small Passenger Vessels to deep draft ships, i.e. lakers, in excess of 1,000 feet. Inspections range from annual COIs to regular attendance at an expansive shipyard with winter layup periods drawing upwards of 12 ships for credit dry-dock or hull/machinery exams that vary in scope.


Unit Information Sheet


 Marine Safety Unit Duluth
515 W. First Street
Room 145
Duluth, MN 55802-2352
(218) 725-3800
After Hours - (906) 635-3233