Key West, Florida



Welcome Aboard!  

From the Commanding Officer:

Congratulations on your orders to USCGC Mohawk (WMEC 913) and welcome to Key West, FL! You will serve aboard a cutter with a proud history and an equally proud crew that is committed to mission execution and professionalism. Onboard Mohawk, you will have an opportunity serve our Nation through countering destabilizing forces in the Western Hemisphere and protecting our national sovereignty while promoting safety of life at sea. I am confident you will find your tour aboard Mohawk to be one of the most challenging and rewarding of your career.

Mohawk was named after the Algonquin tribe of Iroquoian Native Americans who lived in the Mohawk Valley of New York. This tribe became famous for their camaraderie, determination in battle, and ingenuity for overcoming obstacles. The current Mohawk holds its place in history as the third United States vessel to bear this name and we continue to emulate the strength and skill of those early warriors. As a Mohawk sailor, you will be one of the links connecting the past to the present and together we will be Ready, Relevant, and Responsive as we execute Coast Guard missions wherever our Nation or international partners need us.

If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered, please contact our Ombudsman at

I look forward to serving with you. You will be part of a proud tradition of Mohawk sailors who have lived up to our motto, “Lifesaver – Enforcer – Defender”.

Welcome aboard, shipmate!

David Ratner Commander,
US Coast Guard Commanding Officer,
CGC Mohawk (WMEC 913)

Crewmembers Seeking Off Base Housing (E-4 and above):

Submit the DD 1746 form, a BAH/dependency data form CG-4170A, and a signed copy of PCS orders to Mr. Gregory Eagle.

DD 1746


Marie Martin
Coast Guard Cutter MOHAWK Ombudsman

100 Trumbo Point Annex
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 292-8750 Phone
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