COMMANDER Ryan A. WatersCommander Waters

Commanding Officer

Commander Waters comes to VIGOROUS from the Headquarters Office of Cutter Forces (CG-751) where he was the Major Cutter Capabilities Division Chief.  In this role he led the development and validation of policy and operational requirements for the 39 ships of the Coast Guard’s National Security Cutter, High Endurance Cutter, and Medium Endurance Cutter fleets.  He was also the Sponsor’s Representative for the 25-ship Offshore Patrol Cutter program, the largest acquisition in Coast Guard history. 

Commander Waters was designated a Permanent Cutterman in 2008 and has more than eight years of sea time.  He has plied waters around the world and experienced port calls on six continents during permanent assignments to Coast Guard cutters FORWARD, LONG ISLAND, MORGENTHAU, and DOUGLAS MUNRO, and temporary assignments to cutters MELLON and WAESCHE.  Highlights include commanding LONG ISLAND in Valdez, AK, circumnavigating the globe on DOUGLAS MUNRO, and sailing more than 6,000 miles from Hawaii to Vietnam as an advisor on CSB 8020 (ex MORGENTHAU) during the Vietnam Coast Guard’s first ocean crossing.

Commander Waters also serves in the Coast Guard Intelligence Enterprise, having previously had assignments at CG Cryptologic Unit Texas and District Thirteen. 

Commander Waters is a 2003 graduate of the Coast Guard Academy with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He also holds a Master’s degree in Intelligence Studies.