Virginia Beach, Virginia

Welcome Aboard USCGC VIGOROUS (WMEC 627)



Congratulations on your assignment to USCGC VIGOROUS! All of us aboard VIGOROUS look forward to your arrival and are committed to making your transfer and integration into the team as smooth as possible.

The uniform usually word during the workday is the Operational Dress Uniform.


Homeported in Virginia Beach, VA at Joint Expeditinary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLC), VIGOROUS generally deploys 185 days a year to a variety of operating areas extending from the Gulf of Maine to the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. Our primary mission areas include Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Alien Migrant and Environmental Protection. An average patrol length is 45-60 days.


VIGOROUS is a tenant command of JEBLC, and as such enjoys a number of amenities which include:

  • Naval Exchange, Commissary
  • Child Development Center
  • Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Golf Course, Bowling Alley
  • Water Park, Beach
  • RV Camp
  • Navy Lodge
  • Movie Theatre  

Please review the JEBLC page listed below for the latest information on their support services available to you and your family.

VIGOROUS normally moors at Pier 15 North. Inport, our normal working hours are 0800-1500, Tuesday-Thursday, 0800-1300 Friday, and Liberty Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


The ship’s phone number while in homeport is 757-462-7204.

Your mailing address will be:

Commanding Officer
1100 Abbott Rd.
STE 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23459


You should receive a sponsor message or email shortly after receiving your orders. If you do not receive a message or an email from VIGOROUS, please contact the unit Yeoman to make sure a sponsor has been assigned to you.

Please email or call your sponsor at your earliest convenience and I strongly encourage you to directly discuss transportation to Virginia Beach, housing options, duty schedules, expectations, cutter deployment schedules and general shipboard life.


Anyone considering utilizing the on base childcare should review the attached application instructions. The JEB Little Creek Director is Mrs. Kelly Green (757-462-2402). She is available to answer questions regarding the facility and services offered. 

To apply to the CDC and be added to the waiting list (current wait list is 3-8 months pending age of child), you must apply through the regional representative. The regional representative is Ms. Jacqueline Delaney.  She is the point of contact that can answer all your application and wait list questions. Once the applications are approved she will send the approvals to Mrs. Kelly Green. If you would like to apply to the CDC please complete the attached forms and submit to:

CDC Form

Agreement Form


Jacqueline Delaney
Resource & Referral
Commander, Navy Mid-Atlantic (CNRMA)
Bldg K-N Office Rm 109

Fax :757-462-8970



Members without Dependents (Single Individuals)

If you are E-4 and above, you can elect to live on the economy and receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) AFTER obtaining a release from mandatory housing.

Please use attached form, CG-5267 to request release from mandatory housing.

Enlisted members, E-3 and below, without dependents will be berthed at Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) Barracks.


Unaccompanied Members with Dependents (Geographic Bachelors)

Members who report to VIGOROUS without their dependents will be temporarily berthed aboard the cutter.

Duty aboard VIGOROUS is considered arduous. As such, an alternative to either government owned housing or living on the economy in Virginia Beach, your family may elect to remain in the vicinity of your old PDS, giving you the opportunity to collect the higher of the two BAH rates. Your BAH rate at the location of your dependents will remain in effect until you depart PCS from VIGOROUS or move your family to the Virginia Beach area. Contact your Servicing Personnel Office for guidance on requesting BAH rate protection if considering leaving your family at a previous duty station.

Accompanied Members with Dependents

Members with dependents have the option of Lincoln Military Housing or requesting to live on the economy AFTER obtaining a release from mandatory housing.  

All Navy owned housing is now managed by private contractors.  If you choose these quarters, you will continue to receive BAH in your paycheck, sign a lease and pay the contractor by allotment each month your full BAH amount.  The contractor will charge each member the exact amount of their BAH entitlement for monthly rent and utilities.  There may be other factors, restrictions and waiting lists independent to each contractor, so you must contact them directly for all information and applications, NOTE: Privatized military housing is considered "living on the economy" and therefore not a mandatory assignment to quarters.

Privatized housing is available at the following bases: Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Naval Air Station Oceana/Damneck Annex, Northwest Support Activities (CAMSLANT), Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Norfolk Naval Shipyard (Portsmouth) and Joint Base Langley/Eustis.

There are 866 housing units located on Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek owned and managed by Lincoln Military Housing and many were constructed as recently as 2009.  Here is the Lincoln Military Housing website for all housing located on JEB Little Creek:

There are six different neighborhoods located on JEB Little Creek. Bradford Cove, Gela Point, Port Lyautey, Sandpiper Crescent, Shelton Circle, and Wellings Court are the six neighborhoods.  Each one has different rank requirements and have different architecture.

This is only the Little Creek housing.  If you desire to reside on a different military installation, you can select the specific installation from their general web page:

The other housing options besides BAH on the economy and Lincoln Military Housing are as follows:

1. Coast Guard leased housing: Coast Guard Leased Housing is available for eligible personnel E-6 and below. If eligible you will need to submit a Housing Application CG-5267 with your PCS Orders and a copy of your BAH/Dependency/Emergency Data sheet (CG-4170).

2. Rental Partnership Program (RPP):  RPP is a program designed to provide Military Personnel with off-base affordable Housing.  All military personnel with at least one year remaining on active duty in the Hampton Roads area are eligible to apply.  This program enables our members to rent on the economy at a reduced rental rate -5% below the current market rent.  Members may or may not have to pay a security deposit and the member must pay the monthly rent by allotment. To apply for RPP you will need a copy of your current PCS Orders, Leave and Earnings Statement and Military ID Card. See Base Portsmouth housing website for additional information //

3. Referral Websites: The websites below can be very helpful in looking for your future residence.  We know that the internet leaves out a lot of information, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. If you see something you are interested in please feel free to call the Housing Office to make sure the property is in a safe area and that no complaints have been received about the complex, landlord or location. The Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) is a DoD and CG sponsored website designed to assist military members and their families with finding housing in their assignment location.

4. Looking to Rent or Buy?


Visit the Automated Housing Referral Network at to find housing before you pack. Sponsored by the DoD, listings include available community rentals, military housing, shared rentals, temporary lodging and military for sale by owner (FSBO) listings. In you will find a variety of housing options to choose from. Listings include property descriptions, pictures, maps, links to local schools and contact information. If you would like to rent your home, sell your home for sale by owner, or are looking for another service member as a roommate in your current home, you may post an ad free of charge on the site.


Visit to start searching or posting today.

Referral sources:


Please have the following documents available when you report:

  • Original orders
  • Medical Record

You must also have a current physical exam with sea duty substitution, be Class 1 dental, and if you need glasses, have two (2) pairs of them. You must have current PPD, typhoid, TET-DIP, yellow fever, HEP-A, and have a DNA card completed.


The major commercial airport is Norfolk International, 4 miles from JEBLCFS. Another major commercial airport is Newport News/Williamsburg International, 27 miles from JEBLCFS.


VIGOROUS is located closest to Gate 1 when entering JEBLCFS. If entering from Gate 1, proceed through the gate. You will come to a traffic light, continue straight and take a left into the parking lot right before the gate that separates the waterfront from the parking lot. Gate 1 is open Monday-Friday 0500-1900, closed on weekends and federal holidays.

If traveling from either Gate 3 or Gate 5, proceed through the gate. Continue driving until you reach the street Amphibious Drive, turn left and follow the street all the way until you come to the intersection of Midway Road (This is at a traffic light, small gas station on left). Turn right onto Midway Road and take a left into parking lot right before the gate that separates the waterfront from the parking lot. 

Parking is available and plentiful on base.


If VIGOROUS is underway on your reporting date you should report to Base Portsmouth Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) located at:

4000 Coast Guard Blvd
Portsmouth, VA 23703

between the hours of 0800-1500. You will need to report in Tropical Blue Uniform with your complete sea bag and orders. They will endorse your orders and process your personal information. Depending on VIGOROUS tasking and location, the SPO may make arrangements for you to meet the ship or perform TAD duties at Base Portsmouth. The Coast Guard will provide your travel to the ship.