"Guiding Principles"

The Mission is why we are here. We will be tasked with a wide variety of missions and need to remain flexible. We work in a dynamic, high risk environment and it takes a highly trained, resilient, and motivated crew to mitigate risk and be effective. Risk management should absolutely remain at the forefront of our planning and execution of all evolutions or tasks. Every member of this crew, from myself down to our most junior member, is responsible for the safety of the cutter and crew and absolutely has a voice. We will strive to remain trained, equipped, and motivated to meet any challenge as a unified team.

The Cutter will be ready to carry out our assigned mission. I acknowledge that we serve aboard a very distinguished cutter with a proud service history, and that maintaining mission readiness requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I recognize, and truly appreciate, the time you have spent and will continue to devote to keep DEPENDABLE ready to execute our mission. I will advocate for you to have the tools, time, and support needed to innovate and continue our storied tradition of mission excellence. 

The Crew will first and foremost treat each other with respect at all times. Sea duty can be very rewarding, but is often very challenging. Taking care of your shipmates is a foundational requirement to overcoming these challenges. We will help each other achieve professional growth, recognize superior performance and not just poor performance, and embrace life-long learning and personal growth. Finally, you should have balance in your life, which includes making time whenever our schedule allows to maintain your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as well allocate time for important personal and family relationships.

Each of you has my full confidence and support to carry out your duties. I am grateful for your commitment to the success of this unit and to each other. As seagoing professionals, I want you to enjoy your tour aboard DEPENDABLE, relish the camaraderie you have with your shipmates, and make the most of this experience.