Our driving priorities:

  • To cohesively and collaboratively execute our missions in service of national priorities – as a team.
  • To accept warranted risk in a sound manner. We will ensure every single member comes home safely.
  • To care for and support the personal, physical, & mental well-being of the members of this team and their families.
  • To own our unit and personal readiness - with training, maintenance, preparation, and professionalism.

We will live by our core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty:

  • We will serve in an inclusive and impactful manner. We will serve in a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.
  • We will demonstrate integrity. It’s ok to make mistakes at some point – we all do it. We will remain transparent when something went wrong, and learn from both our successes and failures.
  • We will dedicate ourselves to our craft and our mission – excellence and success in the face of risk are not easy, they require hard work, sweat equity, and technical expertise as sailors.

We are all leaders. We are all on this journey together:

  • Leadership is the intersection of assertiveness, intelligence, confidence, humility, poise, & genuine interest in others.
  • Seize the initiative; drive forward in our own world of work to support the priorities above. Do not be afraid to take warranted risks, but know your risk tolerance. Ask for concurrence or help when needed.
  • Leading others requires transparent communication up and down the chain of command. We must listen and strive to understand each other.
  • Change is inevitable. Growth is up to you. Take time to care for and develop yourself.
  • A positive attitude is infectious. Find time to stop – even when the chips are down – and seek out something at sea or onboard to enjoy. Don’t forget to have fun and hunt for the green flash.
  • Instead of cynically complaining, strive to understand and find a solution. If you have an idea that is safe, ethical, legal, and effective – I am likely onboard. Let’s work to improve life on our cutter.
  • We all have blind spots – think about your biases and what each of us might be missing.
  • Our authority is derived not just from ranks or positions – but from trust.
  • Relationships are more important than our pride.
  • You do not control all outcomes. You do control your attitude and effort.
  • Authenticity matters. Humanity and empathy will take you far.
  • Every one of us has value and can contribute every single day.

Semper Paratus. You can Count On Us.
Kristopher Ensley, Commanding Officer