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Fifth Coast Guard District

431 Crawford St.
Portsmouth, VA 23704

Response Division (dr)



The D5 Response Division protects the public, our ports, the environment, and U.S. economic interests by responding to maritime incidents, enforcing laws and regulations, and utilizing intelligence to drive operations. The Response Division consists of three branches: Incident Management Branch (drm), Enforcement Branch (dre), Intelligence Branch (dri)


  • 24-Hour D5 Command Center Watch:                     (757) 398-6391


  • Chief, Response Division:                                        (757) 398-6515



D5 Incident Management Branch (drm)


  • Chief, Incident Management Branch:                       (757) 398-6676

The D5 Incident Management Branch (drm) is responsible for overseeing search and rescue, marine environmental response, Rotary Wing Air Intercept (RWAI) capability in the National Capitol Region (NCR) and managing all incidents in the Fifth District Area of Operations.


The Fifth Coast Guard District consists of 1.4 million square miles of ocean, bays, wetlands, and tidal marshes in the mid-Atlantic area. It covers six states and the District of Columbia. The Fifth District area of responsibility extends from New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania to the North Carolina/South Carolina border. For a geographic description, refer to 33CFR3.25.


The Incident Management Branch is made up of four sections:


  • District Command Center (drmc)                       (757) 398-6395
  • District Response Advisory Team (DRAT)        (757) 398-6376
  • District Incident Management Team (IMT)        (757) 398-6598
  • NCR Air Defense Program Manager                  (757) 398-6394
  • Aviation Resource Manager (drma)                   (757) 398-6394



D5 Enforcement Branch (dre)


  • Chief, Enforcement Branch:                                  (757) 398-6478

The D5 Enforcement Branch (dre) is responsible for program management of boats, all fisheries enforcement, responses to maritime homeland security threats, and general law enforcement activities spanning the entire D5 area of responsibility. The D5 (dre) provides guidance to operational units to include other government agency assets in order to accomplish the Coast Guard’s diverse law enforcement mission.


  • Deputy Branch Chief/LMR Officer                         (757) 398-6266
  • Small Boat Manager                                                (757) 398-6759
  • Patrol Boat Manager Ammo/Weapons/PWCS      (757) 398-6429
  • LE/MISLE/LMR PO/Case Packages                       (757) 398-6694
  • LEDO   Via D5 Command Center                           (757) 398-6390



D5 Intelligence Branch (dri)

  • Chief, Intelligence Branch:                                     (757) 398-6430

The D5 Intelligence Branch (dri) provides timely, relevant, and accurate analysis of significant events in the D5 area of responsibility to facilitate effective decision making and operational planning. Additionally, D5 (dri) works closely with local, state, federal, and international agencies to promote intelligence sharing within the maritime domain.


  • Deputy Branch Chief/Field Ops Manager              (757) 398-6655
  • Collections Manager                                                (757) 398-6581
  • LMR Analyst                                                             (757) 398-6381
  • LMR Data Technician                                               (757) 398-6718