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Planning and Force Readiness (dx)





"Allocating the right resources....
At the right place.....
At the right time....
Working together to optimize mission performance, balance, and readiness."


Planning and Force Readiness (dx)
The D5 Planning and Force Readiness Division serves as the primary integrating element for the Chief of Staff, both as an externally focused link to other government agencies and stakeholders, and as an internal bridge between cross-functional & cross-programmatic operational activities of Response, Prevention, & C5I. Responsibilities include; coordinating both operational and contingency planning, policy development, and making recommendations for changes in procedures, equipment allowances, and training. (dx) also maintains effective coordination of elements within the D5 staff, all which result in successful conduct of the preparedness and contingency programs. The three Branches within the (dx) Division include:

Contingency Preparedness Branch (dxc)
The Contingency Preparedness Branch (dxc) is responsible for development of contingency plans and policies for all hazards responses, coordination of preparedness activities, and input into FEMA and USCG Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plans (MTEP). Dxc oversees D5 and major commands (MACOMs) program implementation in support of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) of 2002, SAFEPORT Act of 2006, and other Presidential, DHS, and USCG Directives. Dxc serves as the D5 Port Security Grant Program Coordinator and the D5 program manager for Marine Transportation System (MTS) Recovery. In addition, dxc is the Incident Command System (ICS) Steering Committee Chair and coordinators ICS training activities D5-wide.

Operational Planning (dxo)

The Operational Planning Branch (dxo) is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the Standard Operational Planning Process within D5, accounting for resource hours, quarterly Operational Planning Assessment Reports, NSSE, SEAR, Marine Event Planning, the annual cutter schedule, and training coordination scheduled to occur greater than 90 days in the future. (Dxo) also provides RFO/STAN oversight.



Force Readiness (dxr)

The Force Readiness Branch (dxr) is responsible for supporting SELRES at District units and non-District units and managing/executing utilization of reserve training funds (AFC-90). Dxr exercises orders approval authority, select/direct authority, and manages Title 10 and Title 14 orders issued to all Reservists in the Fifth District. Dxr monitors the District’s ability to meet resource requirements and focuses on operational mobilization training & readiness.