Sector Virginia Seal

Command Direction

People first, the rest will follow...

The foundation of all our success is the exceptional people in the Coast Guard. We must put our people first. Only when we support our members through personal and professional challenges, stand with their families, and sustain a highly professional work environment will we be able to attract and retain the workforce for today and tomorrow. Training, qualification, proficiency, mentorship, and experience are fundamental to success for us all.

We will trust and empower all members to safely execute mission, drive innovation, and take warranted risks. Leadership occurs at all levels and decisions must be made by those with the experience and training at the lowest levels. Tomorrow’s leaders must be given leadership opportunities today. Mistakes will occur; be open and honest following mistakes and learn from them. But, mistakes that are inconsistent with the Coast Guard’s core values will not be tolerated.

Through it all, we must maintain a pace we all can sustain, a pace in which we build and maintain resiliency for the events that will occur. All members will be asked to surge to meet operational demands and adapt to stressful situations - we must keep our assets, skills, and personnel safe, strong, and always ready.

Captain Jennifer Stockwell

Sector Commander