Air Station Clearwater Medical Clinic


Clinic Mission Statement

Welcome to the Clearwater/St. Petersburg Clinic.  We offer care to Active Duty Coast Guard and personnel of the U.S. Armed Services and Public Health Service. Our staff includes four Medical Officers, two Dental Officers, one Pharmacist, and two Dental Hygienists with a support staff of twenty-one.
This team of healthcare providers and support staff delivers services for total healthcare, surrounding the patient with support to accomplish wellness goals.  This healthcare model will coordinate the disciplines of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, family support, work-life, and safety while incorporating patient needs to form the Patient Centered Wellness Home. As a participant rather than simply a recipient of health care, wellness goals will be established collaboratively         by you and your Primary Care Provider. Your active involvement is requested, desired, and needed to ensure your readiness to carry out the missions of the Coast Guard.

Medical and dental Clinic Hours
As of 01 January 2018, the clinic hours will be as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:  0700 - 1130  1300 - 1515.

Wednesday: 0700 - 1130.
The clinic conducts staff training on Wednesday afternoon.  The clinic will not be closed; however, only urgent/emergent patient care needs will be addressed by calling the HS duty phone: 727-423-2024.

*Sick Call hours are no longer available*

Acute and Routine appointments are available for Active Duty members on a daily basis throughout the day by calling 727-535-1437 x 1606          
If you develop symptoms during the workday while on base call for an appointment or ask to see the duty corpsman. They will triage you for further disposition. If you need assistance after hours please contact the Duty Health Service Technician at 727-423-2024.
Dental sick call hours are daily from: 0700-0730. 

The Dental Technician can be reached at 727-535-1437 x 1626

Dependent Dental care
The United Concordia Co. is the manager of the TRICAREFMDP. Because MTF dental care resources are so limited, participation is encouraged.
Contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-332-0366 or visit their website for information and enrollment.

Claims Filing:
United Concordia Co.
FMDP Claim Processing
P.O. Box 898220
Camp Hill, PA 17089-8220
(800) 866-8499
Pharmacy Information
**All Aviation Personnel must see a provider to receive over the counter medications**

The pharmacy aligns its prescription drugs availability with the Basic Core formulary and routinely used items. Active Duty patients may use Coast Guard pharmacies. It is recommended that you call the pharmacy at (727) 535-1437 ext. 1610 to check on the availability of specific medications prior to coming to the clinic. Telephone/FAX prescriptions are not accepted. However, refills, for prescriptions originally filled by our pharmacy, can be requested by phone.

An over-the-counter-medication program is available for active duty, retirees and their dependents. Available items and quantity are limited by Commandant instruction. Aviation personnel cannot receive any over-the-counter medications unless consulting a flight surgeon or to receive any kind of medications.
For complete information on all pharmacy benefits, including the Express Scripts Mail Order Pharmacy Program, select: TRICARE PHARMACY. Information pamphlets are also available from the pharmacy.
Medication information/Impairment warning
Prescription or Over-the-Counter Drugs and Driving: When people take cold medications or a pill to ease their headache, they often forget that the medication has effects on their cognitive and motor abilities. Many drugs carry warnings about drowsiness or dizziness that people ignore. However, this is a serious problem that leads to thousands of automobile crashes each year. The danger of getting behind the wheel when a driver is too tired to drive can be fatal.|
Drugs impair our bodies in a variety of ways. They may blur our vision; make us tired or too excited; alter depth perception; make us see or hear things that may not be there; raise or lower blood pressure; react too slowly, or not at all. They cause problems with concentrating on the task at hand. These problems can result from taking any type of drug: illegal, prescription or over-the-counter. When our brain function is altered, our muscle and nerve function changes. Taking sedating medications even 10 hours before driving may be equal to driving drunk.
Some drugs may make you feel alert and confident in your driving. In reality of the situation may be quite different. Drugs can fool you into believing you are in control of your driving when you are, in fact, impaired.
To avoid harming yourself or others, partner with your physician and pharmacist to learn information regarding your medication's side effects, and what drugs are usually safe to combine-especially behind the wheel. Never take more than the prescribed dose, or take anyone else's medicine. Ask for non-sedating forms of your prescriptions if you are behind the wheel, or operate heavy machinery. Allow your body time to adjust to new medications before you drive. Most importantly, each of us is responsible for knowing the signs and symptoms of being drug impaired before we get behind any wheel.
Health Benefits Advisor
Basic information on health benefits programs can be obtained from the clinic HBA.  He/she can be reached at (727) 535-1437 ext. 1603 for Explanation of Benefits (EOB) review and minor claim problem resolution. Claim forms are available at the front desk or on-line.
Please see a staff member if you have any questions concerning your benefits.  Additional information or assistance can be found below.
Humana Military Health: 800-444-5445
HSWL Service Center Health Benefits Line: 800-9HBA-HBA
Clinic: 727-534-1437 x 1606
Duty Phone: 727-423-2024
Nurse Advice Line: 800-874-2273
CG Support: 855-247-8778
DOD Safe Helpline: 877-995-5247
Poison Control Center: 800-222-1222
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
Grievances and suggestions
Clinic Supervisor: HSC N. Gonzalez
Clinic Administrator: CWO4 T. Devore
Senior Health Services Officer:       
Regional Practice Manager: CDR J. Amon